ACE kettlebell article

Kettlebells have been around for a few hundred years and have survived among many different cultures. The main culture they derive from is Russia. Kettlebells have made their journey into the U.S., post cold war, around the mid 1980's. Most women begin with either 8 or 12kg where most men begin with 12 or 16kg. It doesn’t take long to progress to the next size bell if you practice regularly.We practice full body movements that get the heart rate up and trains our cardio and resistance at the same time for the most efficient workout available anywhere!

An independent study by the American Counsel on Exercise (A.C.E.) confirms that kettlebell training IS the ULTIMATE form of conditioning! This study had people perform 20 minute kettlebell snatch workouts, in order to test how kettlebell training lives up to its expectations. John Porcari, Ph.D., and Chad Schnettler, M.S. from the University of Wisconsin headed up the study.

People are always trying to find the time to exercise or ‘make it to the gym.’ Kettlebells give you the perfect option to get in an extremely effective workout in a very short amount of time. This is exactly what we do at Synergy Kettlebell Training in St. Charles and Rochelle, IL. “Instead of lifting weights for a half hour and doing the treadmill for another half hour, you can get everything [resistance, flexibility, cardio, core] done with Kettlebells in 20-30 minutes.” -Michael Shade, Kettlebell Instructor.

The results of the study revealed that the subjects “were burning at least 20.2 - 28 calories per minute(that’s over 600 calories in 30 min), which is off the charts. That’s equivalent to running a 6-minute mile pace.” Not only is the caloric expenditure of the Kettlebell workout very high, but the long term metabolic effects of integrating a total body workout turn your body into a fat burning furnace long after the workout is finished.

Kettlebell workouts give you your biggest bang for your buck. “This is good news for people who are looking for a very good resistance-training workout to get stronger and that will also help them lose weight,” says Schnettler. “For people who might not have a lot of time, and need to get in a good workout as quickly as possible, kettlebells definitely provide that.” Now you know why we love kettlebells so much and experience the best results!!!


Science Behind Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebells have been proven to burn between 20-28 calories a minute, which is the fastest fitness method for getting strength & rapid fat loss results. What that means is that during our 45 minute Synergy Kettlebell workouts we burn between 600-800 calories which is more than any other form of cardiovascular such as running, rowing, biking, swimming, spin class, zumba, kickboxing, etc, other weight resistance training exercises, or boot camp workouts out there! This happens because our Kettlebell workouts very specifically train our bodies through a synergistic method that engages every muscle in the body including our core, legs, arms, and heart (cardio) all at the same time which gives us a more efficient workout in a shorter amount of time.

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Kettlebells are highly beneficial in that they simultaneously develop strength and endurance. They are a true bridge between the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems and train the body in an integrated fashion vs. isolation. Thus, they are highly functional in developing a complete athlete that is capable of high levels of work capacity whose resistant to injury. -Ken Blackburn, IKFF Director