We service Aurora, St. Charles, Dixon and the Chicago area with our kettlebell trainers. If you’re looking to start kettlebell training and need to get in a good kettlebell workout, stop by our kettlebell gym in St. Charles where our personal kettlebell trainer will be more than eager to get you started on the right path. Synergy Kettlebell Training offers group training as well as personal training if you prefer one on one sessions. Our certified kettlebell trainer professionals can be found at our physical locations in Aurora, St. Charles, and Dixon IL. Come to our kettlebell gym and register now for a complimentary trial class today!

After starting classes you’ll quickly realize how extremely and effective of a workout kettlebell training is. Studies reveal that you’re burning between 20.2 – 28 calories per minutes, that’s comparable to running a 6 minute mile, and that’s off the charts! So rather than spending half an hour lifting weights and half an hour on the treadmill or elliptical machine, you can get even more of a workout with a 25 – 30 minute kettlebell training session with one of our kettlebell trainers.

At Synergy Kettlebell we offer unlimited training at all our locations and we provide group training and personal training. In all of our sessions you’ll always be coached by a certified kettlebell instructor. Register today on our site and get your free complimentary session! Once you start, you’ll feel amazing and keep coming back for more because of your results!

Swing by one of our locations and we’ll get you started with one of our kettlebell trainers so you can experience kettlebells today!