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Chances are, you visited the Synergy Kettlebell Training web site in search of a healthier lifestyle. Yes you came to the right place! We will help you shed extra pounds, and increase strength without adding muscle bulk. Our kettlebell gym in Campton Hills mixes in a variety of functional strength and cardiovascular exercises into our group fitness class and each kettlebell workout is designed to earn you a fit, trim and sexier body.

At Synergy Kettlebell near Campton Hills, we will give you one-on-one instruction you may not receive from other gyms in Campton Hills. Our small group sessions are designed to show you the proper techniques, and keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals. We are personal training in a group environment. Synergy Kettlebell trainers hold various kettlebell, coaching, and personal training certifications. Our Kettlebell workout program for Campton Hills residents can help you achieve your goals.

If you stick with our kettlebell training program, you WILL see results. Stay motivated and stay diligent, and see how kettlebell can help keep Campton Hills fit and skinny strong.

Campton Hills, Get Your Body Stronger at Synergy Kettlebell Training!!




About Campton Hills
Residents of the Village of Campton Hills wish to maintain the semi-rural quality of their environment and its associated lifestyle. They wish to control their destiny, act so that property values increase over time at a greater rate than market averages, and insure the continued excellence of the schools that educate their children.
The Village of Campton Hills will strive to be an aesthetically appealing, fiscally viable, family oriented community to provide excellent educational, social, recreational, and cultural opportunities. The Village will foster a strong residential and business community, with concern for ecological stewardship while cooperating with other governmental bodies and agencies. Campton Hills will also work with area school districts to provide an exceptional education for their children.
The Village of Campton Hills will work to promote controlled growth; treasure and preserve its semi-rural character, the Wasco commercial center, open spaces and natural resources; value family, including outstanding school, parks and recreational opportunities for people of all ages; guide the growth of commercial development and infrastructure to minimize impact of growth on the semi-rural quality of the village; provide services to support health, safety and welfare of its residents while being aware of residents' desire to keep government small; remain sensitive to its small town/rural atmosphere and governance as well as its unique identity and heritage while benefiting from its proximity to the Chicago metropolitan area. Campton Hills will strive to be an inviting and safe community that provides for the quality of life needs of its residents while preserving its character and heritage.
Our Kettlebell fitness boot camp serves all of 60175, 60504, 60505, 60506, 60507, 60568, 60572, 60598