Workout of The Week

Whether you’re in a personal training session, group training class, or practicing on your own each workout should consist of the following:

1. Movement Based Warm-up
2. Skill Practice such as a Kettlebell timed set
3. Supporting exercises such as a faced-paced circuit or high intensity intervals
4. Cool Down and Stretches

Workouts should take no longer than 20-45 min. when it is all said and done. This will ensure you are training as efficiently as possible and not overtraining or lowering your intensity.

Here is the workout of the week:
Remember all my workouts are fitness friendly so if you if you cannot perform as prescribed feel free to substitute or modify as needed.

50x Forward Walking Lunges
25x Pullups (or 25x no pushup burpees if pullup bar is unavailable)
25x Situps

Workout: perform as quickly as possible
100 Push-ups- (Use Bosu if available.)
100 Jackknifes- (Your body will be face down and feet/shins are on the stability ball and palms flat on the ground with arms locked. Bring your knees into your chest and then back out.)
2 Min. Plank Hold
100 Forward Jump rope Revolutions
100 Backward Jump rope Revolutions
50 Kettlebell Clean and Presses (on each arm)
100 Forward Jump rope Revolutions
100 Backward Jump rope Revolutions

Rest 3-5 Min.

3 Min. Kettlebells Two Handed Swings


There you have it- a great workout to practice. Give it a shot and set your own standard!

R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!