Who Is Valery Fedorenko

This was a recent American Kettlebell Club video post and I thought I would share it with everyone as he is one of the men who taught me what I know as well as believe in the practice of kettlebells.

After accomplishing many firsts at a very young age, Valery Fedorenko retired from Professional Kettlebell Sport to pursue his new goals! The first goal being to promote Kettlebell Lifting as a superior way to get in shape! He knew that the best way to do this was to go to America and introduce the Kettlebell and his methods there. In 1999 he brought the first Kettlebell to USA and has not stopped talking about it since! He has a secondary goal to bring more Master of Sport of Kettlebell Lifting to the world than any Coach in history, but that's his competitive nature! He is currently Chief Advisor for World Kettlebell Club and Head Coach of Team America, and has students from age 8 - 80! In this capacity he cooperates with Top Coaches from all over the world to educate the masses of planet Earth!


Some of Valery's Firsts:

*First World Champion in Kettlebell Sport history (80kg)
*First to Snatch 200 reps with 32kg in 10 minutes
*First Junior to win a National Competition
*First kettlebell demonstration in America 2000/NYC
*Youngest Master of Sport World Class
*Youngest Honoured Master of Sport

For more information on Valery Fedorenko or World Kettlebell Club, visit: http://www.WorldKettlebellClub.com

R. Garon

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