When You Don't Kill Yourself You Become Stronger

When I practice my kettlebell training, and that of my clients, we focus on strength endurance. This is a practice of working timed sets instead of rep sets. The best way to correlate this is to think in terms of running 2 or 3 miles or even more. You learn to pace yourself or you won't finish. You could never start off sprinting or you would be done in the first few minutes. You have to find a pace so that you can last the entire run and entire set.

The same is true for kettlebell strength endurance training. You go, without stopping or setting the bell down, for a pre-determined time. This time is typically 2-10 min. For one arm movements you have one hand switch. Throw ego out the door and begin with a weight that you can manage for the entire timed set. It's about being successful at what you are doing- never taking the body to "failure".

This teaches the body a whole lot of things as well as the mind. It's about survival. You survive you become stronger. I'm telling my clients all the time the Friedrich Nietzsche quote: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

After our workouts I say: Well I don't see any dead people lying around so I guess you all got stronger. That's a good result for working hard and hard work always, always, always produces results.

It is just that simple. You work hard at something you become successful at it. Think about that for a moment and think deep to what it actually means to "work hard at something". You cannot just lolly gag along and happen to have hard work take place. Nope! You must take the initiative, make the effort, and decide to see the duty through.

Ooops! Did he just say that we HAVE to do something? Wow! Yes he did. Success is the byproduct of positively persevered actions. Exactly what you put into anything will be directly translated into your results. This applies to anything. Am I being to rough and straightforward about this? Well yes, yes I am. I do this because there are too many sensitive people who feel they need coddling in order to do anything in life. Why not take initiative and do something for yourself by yourself. Be motivative and and decisive. This is how people are successful in what they do.

Let's look at fitness. If you show up to my Kettlebell Kamps and go through the motions not only will I see that and get you moving, but you won't get out of it what you have set as your expectations. Let's look at it a different way. If you how up to my Kettlebell Kamps and go as hard as you possibly can, but don't "clean" up your diet and eat nutritionally then your results will still be quite minimal. You will experience increasingly impressive results when you combine the direct efforts of both going hard while exercising and working hard while not to be nutritionally balanced. Of course you've heard that before, but how do you do it. Well that can be simple or it can be very difficult. It all depends on your habits.

We'll be talking more about that very soon.