When Gym Walls Crash Down- Go Freestyle

Isn't that a cool title for a blog post? Well I think so anyway. Essentially it means to get away from the conventional gym style training and workouts. Explore outdoors. Find how fun and superior it is to overall fitness training. No one, but the gym owners will care that you've gone. You don't need gym machines to get in great shape. That's all a myth and marketing propaganda to get you inside their facility. Anything and everything you need to get in amazing shape is outside and waiting for you to get creative and have at it.

The past couple workouts have been pretty cool and a lot of fun. I had one in particular where I just went freestyle.

I call this workout: "Free Form Style Moving".

I went to 2 local Gilbert, Arizona parks. The first was Discovery Park and just began running. Whenever I felt like it I took a tuck and roll and then kept on moving whether it be back to running, bear crawling, sabertooth crawling, skipping, hopping, side shuffling, stair jumps, bench jumps, hand stand pushups, bench rows, rock hops, bench dips, and more.
It was all free and all fun. I did this for about 25 minutes until the heat got to me. It was in the mid-90's when I was doing this so that added to the physical stress of it.

After that I took a 15 min. driving break to go to another Gilbert park called Freestone Park. This park has a lot more hills and trees- both are key.
As soon as I got there I performed a quick 4 min set of swings with my 24kg bell.
2 Hands
Hand 2 Hand

Then I went to the steepest hill. There's a great tree right at the top of it where I preformed 10 strick close hand pullups on one of the branches. Then I ran down the hill. At the bottom is a soccer field with the goal right at the bottom of where I ran down. There are 2 bars that stick out the back of it. One is at my chest height and one is at about 8 feet up. So I had a spur of the moment thought and decided to peform 10 muscle ups (pullup and immediate dip) right there before sprinting back up the hill.
I repeated this exciting circuit 4 times.

This entire workout goes to show you that you don't need to waste your time with gym style workouts at all. I got an amazing workout at both parks inside of about an hour while enjoying the beautiful nature. I had one peice of equipment, my kettlebell, and the rest was available to me just by going outside, looking, and imagining what I can use and do. It was very fun to both come up with this sort of workout as well as perform it too. Even if you cannnot perform strick pullups, muscle ups, etc. there still is a lot that anyone can do.

The first part of this workout is very easy to perform and spike the intensity based upon your own levels of conditioning. Everything is scalable and modifiable. A couple workouts like this a week and you'll see the fat blast off and your fitness skyrocket. Have fun with it. If you don't know how to do these sort of movments, don't have the creativity to program design like this, or just want to have someone else coach you on exactly what to do then come on and Fat Blast with us at Synergy Kettlebell Kamp.

If you're not in Arizona then go enjoy the weather outside and practice Free Form Style Moving at least 3 times a week, every week. It's fun and super effective. Just keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to being healthy and being fit. You must work hard at both, but will reap a lifetime of amazing benefits. It's never, ever too late to start a new journey. Let's do it together!