What's Been Goin' On...

I have been taking it easy over the past week as I believe I got into an overtraining environment. My erectors and rhomboids were killing me enough to warrant a massage. I have another massage scheduled for this week.

I laid off of all kettlebell and strength training since Monday and have only been performing HIIT, a small amount of mountain(on the road) biking, yoga and hiking. I think it has done me well except I am still not 100% in my upper back. Everything else feels wonderful and desiring an intense workout, but I must remain patient until everything heals or I'll be back at Pain-Square-One. That is not where I want to be.

My diet has been great. I purchased Raw Milk yesterday and it does not upset my lactose intolerance issue at all. I have been increasing my organic produce by visiting local Farmer's Markets and will be joining a CSA(community supported agriculture) in my area.
The produce from these markets are AMAZING!!! I cannot speak highly enough about it.

This is the life I am and will be living as long as it is available to me. There is NO going back. I feel GREAT!