What Multi-Vitamin Supplement Should I Take?

The sum of the parts is not equal to the whole. In essence the pill form of the individual nutrients will never provide the same benefit as eating the actual food.

Companies such as New Chapter, Standard Process, Udos, etc. have been out for many years producing very high quality whole food based products. This is not a new wave by any means. If you go to Whole Foods(where I primarily shop) and Sprouts you will see a lot of these top supplements. They are great to use, but will never replace the actual foods.

Most all other companies produce synthetic nutrient based supplements which attempt to replicate the actual food as well as define food as the sum of its parts. This is utterly untrue. Furthermore taking synthetic supplements such as Centrum, One-A-Day, GNC Brands, and any other store bought brand that is NOT whole food based is like throwing darts at a dart board. Sometimes you will hit and some times you will miss.

Your body is the same as it will sometimes absorb the synthetics and sometimes it will not. Most of these type of supplements contain high amounts of binders and fillers that either do not breakdown or barely breakdown in the body's digestive track. Often times the pills get clogged in the intestinal folds, which is unhealthy in itself, or they simply get eliminated without ever having been absorbed. That is a waste of money too.