What Is Really In Your Food?

So you’ve decided to eat healthy. Congratulations, that is a big first step to a healthier lifestyle. Now, it is important to take a look at what is in the foods that you eat. Not all foods are as healthy as they may appear on the surface.

We all have that favorite healthy go to meal. You know the meal. It’s the one that we can either get quickly, or just pop in the microwave. Do you really know what’s in it?

One of my Synergy Kettlebell Training instructors posted recently in our Facebook group about a salad from Target that she loved—until she looked at the ingredients on the back of it. She only recognized five of about 100 ingredients. The salad had lettuce, chicken, walnuts and raisins— all making for a seemingly healthy and harmless combination. The way that salad was preserved makes it a risky and unhealthy choice, however.

If you don’t recognize the ingredients, or if it sounds like you’re reading the back of a shampoo bottle, think twice before eating it. (NOTE: Don't use that shampoo either cause the chemicals will be absorbed through your skin.) A lot of Lean Cuisine microwave meals are like this. The calories and fat content are low, but they are preserved with ingredients that are unhealthy. Eating low fat is, first of all, not healthy by any means and to have it in a processed (dead enzyme, predigested state) meal is even more taking away from enriching our bodies with living nutrients.

This can be true of any food that is packaged to go for a quick meal. While these ingredients can help the meal last longer, they are at best unhealthy and at worst harmful to ingest.

Fresh foods are the best. You can quickly whip together the ingredients for a healthy salad. If you combine the fresh lettuce, chicken, walnuts, and raisins yourself, you can be more confident of the ingredients. It's less expensive doing it this way too.

Do you know what's in your favorite tossed salad and "go to" meal? HERE'S A TIP: If it says it is healthy on the label, chances are, BECAUSE it has a label to begin with, it is not healthy. Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part that statement is true.

R. Garon

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