Weekend Workout Recap

I've had some great workouts lately and they've been centered around timed sets.

Here's how it went.


1 Arm Swings @ 16kg

4min Snatch Set @ 16kg
I maintained about 8 reps per minute because I really wanted to focus on my lockout and the shoulder stability.

Short rest

2min. Double Front Squats @ 2 16kgs

Short rest

30x 1 Two-Arm Swings @ 28kg

This was a great workout with a lot of emphasis on the shoulder stability.


6 Min. Snatch Set @ 16kg
I maintained about 15/16 reps per minute.

30x Pushups
30x Squats
30x Pullups
30x Situps

4 Min. Double Swings @ 16kg

I felt a lot stronger during these snatches than I did just 2 days prior. I am loving the timed sets more and more because I can quickly see my muscular endurance as well as strength increase quickly.


4 Min. 1 Arm KB Push Press


5x Turkish Get-up @ 16kg

2 Sets of-
5x High Windmills @ 16kg

1 Set of High Windmills @ 16kg and picking up a 24kg KB with the bottom hand.


I felt really tired and drained today so I had to cut my workout short. I wanted to perform some HIIT training on the treadmill, but will do that later this week.