WD 040808

7am- assorted fruit smoothie w/ flax oil and wheat grass.

9:30am- banana

10:30am- Workout
Fun With A Rope(50# rope ) and Bells
1. 2 hand Whip Smash followed by 1 arm. 30s each
2. 50x KB Swings
3. 30x Inside and Outside oscillating movements
4. More KB heavy and full range swings
- Two Arm Swings, High Swings w/ heavy bells and then dropping to lighter ones for 1 arm swings

11:30am- assorted fruit/veggie smoothie w/ flax oil and wheat grass.

4:30PM- apple

8:30PM- Ate out at Red Lobster

Caesar Salad

Meal: 2 fillets of Blackened Catfish with wild rice
Lots of fresh jumbo shrimp, flounder & broccoli

R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!