WD 040608

7:30am- wake up

8:30am- fruit smoothie containing: 3 strawberries, 1 tblspn of Barlean's flax oil, 1 cup of water, some baby spinach leaves, a quarter of a tomato, 2 oz of acai juice, some wheatgrass, and about 5 or 6 baby carrots.

2pm- 2 hardboiled eggs
3:50pm- 1 banana

5:00PM- Workout
Rope work
50 swings @ 16kg

5 min. KB snatch @ 24kg
Total reps was 81
(this was my first attempt at this wt)

One Arm Swings- 30/30, 20/20

6:15PM- Overeating Phase-

1. Mixed veggie salad w/ a hard boiled egg, a couple ounces of swiss cheese, and avacado.

About a half hour later:

2. 4 whole eggs scrambled with a little cheese for flavor.
3. About a quarter pound of Colby ground beef(left over from last night)
4. Several ounces of organic raw milk sharp cheddar and organic pepper jack.
5. Some sweet potato chips

A peanut and pretzel bar.
Mixed nuts and granola blend.

Plain organic yogurt with strawberries and a banana.