Walk Like A Kettlebeller workout theme

 Walk Like A Kettlebeller

Join us for our brand NEW Synergy Kettlebell workout theme we're calling "Walk Like A Kettlebeller"!

During this theme we will learn & practice all the qualities it takes to be a Kettlebell lifter.

During each “Walk Like A Kettlebeller” themed Kettlebell workout we will have some sort of walking type movement carry such as farmers walk, rack walk, goblet hold walk, etc.

Here's our first workout in the series:

Your Fat Burning Hormones Igniter: 3 Rounds, rest as needed between sprint rounds 3 Level Shuttle Sprints

Your Fat Blaster: R2 (with a partner or rack hold for 30 seconds after completing your reps) Ladder up 1-5 with Double Bells Partner 1: Double Swing, Clean, Push Press or Jerk Partner 2: Rack Hold while other partner completes rep

EXPLANATION: 1) Partner 2 Cleans bells into the rack and holds there while partner 1 does their rep(s). 2) Partner 1 performs one rep. 1 Rep = Double Swing, Clean, Push Press or Jerk So Partner 1 will perform a Double KB Swing, then Clean the bells, then Jerk them into overhead lockout, fixate, bring them down to the Rack position & hold there. Immediately as Partner 1 gets their bells into the Rack, Partner 2 begins their rep sequence. 3) Then as soon as Partner 2 completes their rep, Partner 2 Rack Holds, and Partner 1 immediately begins the rep 2 of the ladder. They perform 1 double swing, 1 clean, 1 jerk, then 1 more double swing, 1 more clean, 1 more jerk. That will equal their 2 reps. 4) Both partners continue in this manner until each have completed all 5 rep rungs of the Ladder.

Then: Walking Lunges for distance 60-80 Steps of Goblet Hold Duck Walks

Finisher: Choose Your Own adventure

SYNERGY DAILY TRIVIA What does EFA stand for?

Answer: essential fatty acid, these are omega 3, 6, 9. We must eat these because our body does not produce them. That is why they are called "essential".

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