Trust Yourself To Be Better Than Yesterday

Trust Yourself To Be Better Than Yesterday
Blogged by Bob Garon & Glen Husted

Just got back from working out and I have to say there is no greater cure for apathy than to go against what you feel sometimes. Five years ago I weaned myself off artificial foods, trans fats, pork, bleached flour, etc. and have not been sick once since. I realize about ninety percent of the problems people have are a result of poor choices in their life (not wearing safety belts, helmets, obesity, poor diet, smoking, drinking, drugs, hanging with the wrong crowd, etc.).

There comes a time when we shouldn't just blame the devil for our problems and instead pray for a spirit of discipline and wisdom as to what we expose our bodies to with all of the chemicals and pesticides and hydrogenated this and that.

Our greatest enemy is often the one we face in the mirror every day. Being skinny does not equal healthy, and yes, even young healthy people can die. Stress and pollution will kill us all eventually, but is that a cop out or excuse to ignore our health?

There are so many benefits, even spiritually, that come from physically eating what is direct from nature than what is created in a lab from man. I still eat what I like and have my naughty foods, but I just choose different sources of these foods. I've given up grains and most meats, but if you regularly eat those foods choose to eat whole wheat over bleached flour, grassfed beef without hormones or antibiotics injected, chocolate with unprocessed sugar, etc.

And also remember that the skin is an absorbent organ. Whatever chemicals you put on your body go into your system, so if you are eating chemicals, putting chemicals on your skin, hair, etc. how much are you directly weakening your immune system on a daily basis?

This rant isn't about worry, fear, or paranoia, but about education and awareness rather than staying ignorant for the sake of repressing guilt feelings and living in your downward spiral of a rut. Food can be a great pleasure or an addiction. Recognizing the emotional triggers that cause us to eat excessively or unhealthy is a start to a better way of life. Food does not equal love. And to truly, truly enjoy it means to not be controlled by it. And I don't say this as a judgment or condemnation of anyone, just an encouragement to us all. I am human just like the rest of us.

True wholeness is a culmination of the three: body, soul, spirit. This is the real you. Why neglect one over the other?

R. Garon

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