Training As Of Late...

I have been performing a lot of timed sets. I did my best to prepare for the cert with them, but at the cert found out real fast I had a lot of work ahead of me. We did A LOT of timed sets there and so I took 2 days off afterward to let my body heal.

Today was the first workout I performed since and it went VERY well.


Dynamic warmup with skips, shuffles, lunges and joint mobility


6 Min. set of Jerks @ 2/16kg
I maintained a rep range of 5-6per min. The first 2 min. was 6rpm and the last 4 were at 5rpm.
I have a good buffer between where I am and where I need to be so I love to watch my progress now that I have a great protocol to work with based on what I learned at the IKFF cert.

Lunges around the circumference of the gym both forward and back.
5x Get-up Situps @ 2/16kg & 5x empty handed

6 Min. 1-Arm Swing Set @ 16kg