Train Like An Olympian kettlebell workout theme

Train Like An Olympian 2014Happy February my Synergy Kettlebell family!!! 2014 is well underway and we're going strong... strong... stronger still into the 2nd month of the year!!

Here's a brand new theme to celebrate the upcoming Winter Olympic Games. Join us as we celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. The XXII Olympic Winter Games (in Sochi) 2014 begin on Friday, February 7 and ends on Sunday, February 23.  


Here are the thoughts and motivation we want to remember every day during our theme...

An Olympian is someone who goes far beyond what is usual in magnitude and degree. they defy limitations because they believe their goals far surpass any challenge or obstacle.

These daily workouts will help bring you closer to your goals and achieve what is further beyond what you currently believe your limits to be. We will emulate what it truly means to Be and Train Like An Olympian!!

Your Synergy Kettlebell coaches are going to challenge you and hold you accountable to the same high standard to what we hold ourselves. We're going to be working out alongside our members every day. That shows that we are willing to push ourselves to become greater and lead our members to greatness as an example right next to them... travelling on the same road. We're all part of this journey together and it prides me to think of our Synergy team of coaches leading by real life examples of inner-courage and excellence beyond all limitations that get in the way of our daily lives... cause there are so many, but we are more than overcomers!!

Thank you for being a part of my journey too! -Bob