Time Waster & Excuses

One of my friends just sent this to me and I really think it applies here. I was just thinking how silly it is that I don't think I have 20 minutes to exercise. Think of all the ways we waste 20 minutes during our day.... Chatting with someone who isn't even good for us....looking at a magazine....wondering aimlessly what to do next....eating when we shouldn't be....wasting time on negative thinking....watching mind-rot on TV..... --- We say these things are relaxing, but what do they really give us! No, the truth is we're addicted to not taking care of ourselves, and it would be just as easy to develop an addiction to some positive way of relaxing - like exercise! It may be hard at first, but after the habit is in place, it will be as easy to exercise as it was to plonk ourselves down in front of the TV.

Ok so many of us here already do exercise, and do so with the Kettlebells, BUT my point is that there is more time in our day than we'd probably like to think. If we really time managed well rather than doing the things that don't matter and eat up our time then we'd actually be able to make a difference in out own lives.