Tim Taylor Gives More Power To Your Kettlebell

I honestly don't think there are any real secrets to kettlebell sport lifting or training. It's all about learning the movements and mastering them through practice longevity in order to become as efficient as you can be. I grew up watching a television show call "Home Improvement" with Tim Allen as Tim Taylor a quirky handyman with his own cable network tool show called: Tool Time. He was always wanting "more power" from anything he was fixing or adjusting.

I kinda agree with him in my own world of handy work. I might not be a craftsman in the trades; however in my professional fitness training I require the absolute best out of not only myself, but also my clients so that we can experience the greatest results. I think Tim Taylor would agree that if you want the most bang for your buck, and MORE POWER out of your body, then you've gotta use the best tools of the trade.

Regardless how or why you train with kettlebells you're going to need to use the best tools. I use the professional grade kettlebells because of their consistency and perfect balance in their design. As you get stronger and move up in kettlebell weight your bell size stays exactly the same so there isn't any physical compensation needed for increased handle or ball size. This is also great for those who want to increase their efficiency for fitness or compete in Girevoy Sport (aka Kettlebell Sport).

Other than kettlebells if you are practicing or competing in Kettlebell Sport you need proper foot wear. You might have some people say go barefoot or use Vibram Five Fingers. Still others will say to use Converse Chuck Taylor's due totheir flat surface and low cost; however those are not very athletically resilient. After trying a few different footwear alternatives I have settled with the Risto Sports weightlifting shoes. There are other lifting shoes out there, but I find these to be the most solid in design, workmanship, and function moreover the other versions I've tried or seen.

If you want to be your best you've gotta use the best. You have my recommendations. Now I'll leave it up to you to decide.