Thoughts and Practices

There are 2 main schools of kettlebell thought and practice.  One is proven and one is not.  What I mean by "proven" is by the time tested athletic arena of competition.  What is proven is considered to be the greatest way to train for overall strength, full body endurance, physical control, mental focus and toughness, and a host of other positive forces.  I am the first to say that there are many roads to fitness just as long as you take one there, but in the end some are indeed better than others.

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about take a look at the below video of AKC Coach Gregor Sobocan just messing around jerking a 110lb. KB for 51 reps. Notice his complete control and calmness in his demeanor. That is a lot of timed set practice.


Here is another video of Valery Federanko doing the same thing. He is what Tiger Woods is to Golf to Girevoy Sport.


I think in the end it just boils down to what one's goals are. Honestly I can care less about what anyone can deadlift or max snatch, max overhead press, max bench, max squat, etc. That doesn't "impress" me.

What impresses me is the big picture and the balance of anyone's overall abilities.

Since I injured my back deadlifting a couple years ago I have had to give it up although I have done everything to rehab it and even began a very light road back to it. My body is just not able to handle it right now and I will not be attempting it any time soon since I have reinjured it trying a couple times over the past 2 years. DLing used to be my favorite exercise and when I was performing it my numbers were pretty good.

I know what my limitations are and I work around them to the best of my ability. I know I cannot deadlift or heavy squat due to the loads. What I can do I do and do it 110%.

I have also gone through the Crossfit methods over the years as well. I blend a bit of their concepts into how I train from time to time. I love intensity and love how they bring it. But is it the end to all- not even close. To some folks it's it. Not to you or I.

I have practiced the HS over the years as well and did so long before experiencing GS. When I performed my first timed set it was like nothing I ever experienced and fell in love. My strength has improved greatly; however I do not max to see due to the simple fact that I just don't care. I care more of how long I can go for using the heaviest weight possible. Pure fitness and pure strength is all encompassing rather than simply doing something one or two times and then being done with it.

Ultimately it is what your goals are and what you desire to experience for yourself. Personally I want it all and have a little bit of everything tied in to all that I do. When I mean "I want it all" I simply am implying HS, GS, CrossFit, Gym Jones, GPP and whatever else looks like it will help me become superiorly and elitely conditioned in the sense of the extreme to what my own body can handle. How do I measure up to know what that means- well I do so with those who are the greatest in each of those fields.

R. Garon

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