This Too Will Pass...

Lately my focus has been on actually completing my workouts.  I haven't had the highest amount of desire.  Sure the motivation is definitely still there and will not leave until I reach my ultimate goal, but my mind simply wants to give in to my body's desires of not wanting to put in the work and time.  Needless to say I've fought through each workout.  I understand this is simply a phase and it too will pass.  I'll be very excited when it does. Then I can really make some good progress.

Workout 122008:
4 sets of 2 Min. OALC @ 24kg and 12pm

Workout 122208:
South Mountain Hike

Workout 122308:
4 Min. LC @ 2 20kg and 6rpm

6 Min. OALC @ 24kg and 8rpm

1:30 Min. Double Cleans @ 2 20kg and 10rpm
Then immediately dropped 1 bell and continued with One Arm Cleans for an additional minute per arm and 12rpm.

4 Min. OAJ @ 24kg and 12rpm

100x JS @ 45#
20 Min. Run