This Might Sting A Little workout theme

 This Might Sting A Little

Join us for our brand new Synergy Kettlebell workout theme, starting this week, we're calling: "This Might Sting A Little"!!

Quite simply these workouts are meant to feel the good kind of pain that produces results and if you are mentally strong, give your absolute BEST EFFORT, you will succeed at experiencing Synergy Kettlebell Results!!

Join us, start something new!

Here's our first workout in the series:

Technique Practice: 2 Rounds

20x Kneeling Press- R/L (using a medium bell, kneel on both knees with upright torso posture, hips completely forward, begin with bell in the rack position with elbow on the torso and press the bell upward into full elbow lockout, fixate overhead and then return to proper rack position each rep)


Your Fat Blaster: 4 Rounds, 36 seconds work/14 seconds active rest

Lunging Figure 8's NO HOLD (med- heavy bell)

Lunge & Clean- R/L (stagger feet out into a lunge position, lunge legs down, DO NOT BEND FORWARD, and then AS YOU RISE BACK UP FROM THE LUNGE Clean the Kettlebell to the rack position, as you move back down into the lunge again the bell also does, keep bell on outside of the body)

Hindu Pushups (mod to knees if needed)

HEAVY Two Arm Side Step Swings (swing the bell up and very quickly side step right, as it swings back down stand as you normally would during a two arm swing, then as it goes up again side step to the left back to your original starting place. Repeat... VERY IMPORTANT: Only perform the side steps on the up swing.)


200x Mountain Climbers (honestly this sounds like A LOT more than it really is because they go by fast.... TRUST ME! Scale the reps as needed!)


SYNERGY DAILY TRIVIA What is the most common runners injury?

a. shin splint b. runners knee c. achilles tendon d. plantar fascitis

Answer: B runners knee or irritated cartilage

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