There IS a Difference In Kettlebell Training

Last night I was chatting with one of my Kettlebell Kamp clients, Alma Pilz. She has been coming for almost a year and has progressed from participating in our normal Kettlebell Kamp classes where we practice workouts for all around fitness. Over the past few months she decided to migrate over to training specifically Kettlebell Sport. She was saying how she really enjoys training like that and loves how there's a very specific goal for her rather than just going as hard as you can during a fitness style workout. In those workouts it's just about how intense you make that particular workout so that your body and mind gets pushed- thus you improve your fitness.

Something Alma said, in regards to her training, stuck with me. She said, "I like the "getting stronger" aspect. With fitness it's fun but I've sorta plateaued on my weight loss so I like gauging my strength now."

Brief Overview Of My Kettlebell Fitness Program

Synergy Kettlebell Training is known for our Kamp classes being the ultimate fat loss and Skinny Strong fitness boot camp in Aurora, Illinois that melts fat by using kettlebell training and bodyweight training. All Synergy Kettlebell Kamp workouts are a fast-paced adventure into mixed fitness focusing on a large variety of Kettlebell movements alongside performing such exercises as a very long list of bodyweight movements as well as ones with big tractor tires for flipping, jumping, sledgehammer slamming, and various others fitness tools for an awesome aerobic and strength fat blasting experience. Every day is a different and new workout. They vary so much so that each day the body of the trainee is pushed to his/her limits much like a sprinter going all out in his run. This is the meat and potatoes of what Synergy Kettlebell Training is about and what most of our members practice, but we definitely don't stop there.

Here's an example of one of our Kamp fitness workouts:

“Turn & Burn” workout 14

Warmup: Synergy Dynamics

Your Fat Blaster: R4, All out effort! Round 1: 30/25 Round 2: 30/20 Round 3: 25/15 Round 4: 20/10

Your Circuit: Single Floor Row- R&L Bodyweight Squat or Full Goblet Squats(for advanced) Mountain Climbers Step Touches Bottom Half Burpees or Knee Tucks(for advanced) Kettlebell High Pulls- R&L Jumping Jax

Brief Overview Of My Kettlebell Sport Program

I'm going to expound a bit more on this since not too many people are familiar with how Kettlebell Sport is designed. We also focus on a very different and very specific mode of strength and fitness in our Kettlebell Sport training. By different I'm only meaning that the goals and results of Kettlebell Sport are very different and very specific than that of our Kettlebell fitness classes. With our Kettlebell Kamp classes there are really no benchmarks or clear indication that you are improving except that the workouts get easier. Yes you will get stronger, that's a given, but no where near how strong with on a Kettlebell Sport program. You can increase in Kettlebell weight, get more flexible, improve Kettlebell technique skills, increase VO2 Max, etc, but to what measure... to what actually tells you clearly where you stand up from whence you came? Kettlebell Sport does.

Kettlebell Sport training has a clear goal of where you need to end up from the beginning of the training cycle to the end point. Training micro-cycles are usually 3-6 weeks. The goals are to get as strong as possible without adding any physical bulk and create strong muscular endurance. Programs take in account body weight class, Kettlebell weight, event, and work pace. Kettlebell Sport training is highly endurance based, much like long distance running, with weights so the body gets strong and pushes the cardiovascular thresholds as well.

That all being said, when one begins a new Kettlebell Sport protocol they are usually given a test in their chosen event, Biathlon (snatch & jerk) or Long Cycle (clean & jerk), which tells us exactly how many reps the individual is capable of within a 10 minute time limit. They get to switch their hands only once and the bell cannot be set down. Depending on how many minutes the person can last and/or how many reps they perform will be used in designing their personalized program.

Compounding Your Perspective

Each daily Kettlebell Sport practice builds upon the last and from week to week so that the protocol continues the progress of reaching that particular individual's very specific goals. The BIG PICTURE of the program, within each micro-cycle, is the perspective- rather than individual workouts as compared to Kettlebell Kamp style fitness. Most training weeks are 4-5 days. The intensity of the BIG PICTURE program is very high and produces also very high physical aesthetical changes in the practitioner as well.

With a program such as this a person is directly focused on getting very strong and very fit for not only Kettlebell Sport itself, but also in life. The movements of the Snatch, Jerk, and Long Cycle are all full-body compound movements that work literally every muscle and joint in the body so it is moved at one unit rather than isolating individual body parts. So their body will get stronger in each of those movements very quickly since they practice them repeatedly. We get good at what we practice. I've seen women progress from the pink 4kg (18lbs) professional grade Kettlebell to the yellow 16kg (35lbs) and purple 20kg (44lbs) in just a few weeks. Men respond justs as well. Strength endurance is the specific goal and when directly focused on these movements we improve and get better.

Here is an example of a week's (micro-cycle) Kettlebell Sport practice: KEY: M= minutes, OA= one arm, LC= long cycle, 25x= twenty five times, x2= 2 sets of whatever that associates

Microcycle Day 1. M3(M4 for women) Long Cycle x 2 @ rank pace, 50x Heavy Jerk Specific Squats, 20x TRX or Double KB Rows x 2, 50x Jumps or Stepups(25x each leg) on Big Tire (tip on side) x 2 Day 2. M6 LC, M4 Heavy OA Cleans, 25x KB Jump Squats x 3, M15 Interval Cardio or 200 Swings Day 3. Rest Day 4. M6 LC, 200 Heavy Swings (can set down if needed), M15 Interval Cardio Day 5. M8 LC, Heavy OAJ x 12

My Final Thoughts

Now with the overview and comparison of both Kettlebell Fitness and Kettlebell Sport you will be able to better understand which style you'd like to either begin or continue practicing. We call it "practice" solely because we know we will never ever actually arrive. We must practice every day to the best of our ability no matter our condition, age, history, experience, and so on. I encourage you to do the same. I also encourage you to work with an experienced and certified Kettlebell Coach so that you can become the best you that you can be. A coach will work with you to ensure your technique accuracy, safety, and programming. DVDs or books cannot provide the same kind of feedback a coach can so I highly advise to seek one out for you.

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