The Last Couple...


Today was Bikram Yoga day. This had to have been by far my best class. I didn't get tired, light headed, dizzy, or anything. In fact I felt so good I think I could have gone the entire class without even a sip of water.

Hydrating over the course of before really makes a huge difference.

I nailed pretty much all asanas very well expect a my standing bow and tree stand seems a bit shaky today for some reason. All my floor poses went perfectly. Today was an amazing day.


Today I ran with all of my clients. It was a great run. We all ran(some walked) 1.5 miles and then rested about 5 min before starting back. We didn't just run straight back. We Fartleked back.

Fartleks are when everyone participating lines up and begins jogging as slow as the slowest jogger. Then the last person in line sprints up to the first position. Then the same continues until the distance is reached.

All in all it was an an amazing run and really got my legs feeling it after all those sprints.

When we arrived back at the gym I took everyone inside and had a 15 min Ab Bootcamp which ended up very well. I'm starting to feel the workout already. :)

Now I'm beginning my Warrior Meal with my usual big salad. Tonight I put in it some mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, red onion, shitake mushroom, avocado, chick peas, red beans, large green olives, raw mild cheddar cheese, and of course Bragg Sesame and Ginger dressing.

I've attached a pic of it for everyone to see. :)