The History and Future of Standard Redux

Today I was sorting through some of my old articles and came across this one and realized that I never posted it on my blog for all of you to enjoy. I wrote it as an exclusive article for Scott Bird and his really cool site

Here is an excerpt from my article titled: "The History and Future of Standard"

Arthur Saxon demonstrating bent press.

"When I think of strength and someone who is fit I do
not think of someone who goes out and runs long distances. Now that may
be a matter of opinion, but surely I am not alone in this thinking.
Where people got the idea that running for long distances is actually
good for the body I have no idea....

...People of today are not pillars of strength by any means and I don’t care if you can toss kegs over a wall or drag a train a few feet on its tracks. That says nothing about Warrior Strength to me. Of course those folks are strong, but they do not possess the kind of true strength of men such as Milo, Arthur Saxon (pictured above), Sig Klien, and Eugen Sandow."

Look back for inspiration and forward for results. You will love this read.

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