The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Kettlebell Workout 13

A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow. -George Patton

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Kettlebell Workout 13

Warmup: Synergy Dynamics

The Good: Racked Reverse Lunges 5 x 5 per leg (25x total each leg, alternate every 5 reps)

The Bad: As Many Rounds As Possible In M10 5x Kettlebell Rows- R/L (med bell) 10x Super Plank Pushups(full plank on hands to forearms & back up) 5x Rack Squats- R/L (med-heavy bell)

The Ugly: R3, 50/10 Plank Superman Crunches Virtual Jump Rope

Give this a shot and leave me a comment to let me know how you did and what you thought. After your workout make sure you always drink a solid protein smoothie. Another one of my favorites is made with hemp protein which is great fast digesting protein and good fat. Then I mix in some raw cacao nibs, organic strawberries, a banana, and acai berry powder for a super packed shake.

After everyone of your workouts and before you go to bed every night make sure you spray on your Magnesium Oil for faster recovery and energy levels. Here's what I personally use and have seen the best results:

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