The Challenge of Challenge

Challenges are hard. Yep... they are! They are meant to me. That's the way it's supposed to be. If they were easy then everyone would be doing it.  We face many challenges over our entire lives, but if we allow ourselves to be overrun by excuses and mental limitations then we l never ever be successful at overcoming whatever is the challenge.

Remember no matter what your challenge we must face our fear of failure. It happens and it will be a reality that we must face as well as accept as possibility. We can either look at failure as an excuse why not to try something or a purpose to learn how to get better at it.

When we start a challenge we must keep in mind that during the entire month- AND ESPECIALLY ON THOSE HARD DAYS-The Challenge of Challenge if it didn't sting a bit and wasn't something difficult to overcome, then it wouldn't be a challenge.

Ask yourself these questions: Am I capable? Am I determined enough? Will I see squirrels and get distracted?

Keep this in mind, Days 3, 8, and 15 are the worst, but if you can get past those you're home free. What will you allow to stand in your way?

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