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More results in your workout (HERE'S HOW!)

Warming up before workout program is a vital component for the big picture program. Without a warm up it's like jumping into your car on a frigid winter day, starting it up, and just driving away. Sure it would run, but it would not run very well and be a few miles down the road before it was coming along well enough. Your body operates in a similar manner. What we want to do is take it from a state of low level moving, which is just what we do on a regular basis around our house, our jobs, and of course riding in the car coming to the gym. So what we need to take it through some range of motions so that each joint fully warms up. By "warming up" what that means is, performing full range of motion and controlled dynamic stretching, so each joint will release synovial fluid to lubricate itself. The only way that happens is if we probably warm up with mobility drills. So always arrive at least 15 minutes early to your workout sessions to get in your complete warmup.

What I have done at Synergy Kettlebell Training is developed a warmup system that takes your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes and fully warms you up. Similarly I have also developed a cool down system that open up your hips and creates good spine mobility after your workout, before you leaving go home. The cool down is as vital as your warmup because after putting great stress upon your body with resistance training your muscles become inflamed and can be tight.

So in essence, to get the most of your workout, warming up is vitally important to prepare your body and your mind for the work you will be performing during your training. This keeps your body safer from injury. After your workout your cool down is vitally important so that you get the most of your post training recovery time and recovery is what makes your body decide if its going to give you good results or great results. Think of it like this: Your warmup prepares you for today's workout and your cool down prepares you for tomorrow's. 

In our group classes we lead you through the full warmup and cool down system which involves body weight mobility movements and full body compound resistance movements that change with our workout themes every 2 weeks so that they best compliment what we are going to be doing for that day. If you would like to get a head start in practicing the full body mobility movement portion I have video recorded them for you. By memorizing and practicing these mobility movements your big picture workout will be much more efficient and effective.

Synergy Dynamics Warmup Sequence Synergy Dynamics Cool Down Sequence

Have an awesome day and awesome kettlebell workouts! :)