vegetarian diet

3-2-1-GO! Essential Health Components

  There are 3 essential components to overall health & fitness.

-Exercise Daily -Plant Based Nutrition (90%) -Rest & Recover Regularly

No Diet If you neglect any one of these 3 areas your fitness/health will suffer. Do your diet a favor and eliminate/restrict all grains (gluten, whole, or not), eliminate/restrict all caffeine, eliminate/restrict all dairy (raw or pastuerized), eliminate/restrict all nightshade family foods (tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, peppers, tobacco), eliminate sugar, and eat 90% plant based foods. When you eat meat get 100% natural meats which are from pastured, cage-free, wild caught, non-feedlot and antibiotic free animals.


Sum it up in our simple: 3-2-1-GO!

3 – Eat 90% Plant Strong! Eat Green & Be Lean!

2 – Remove the 4 Little White Devils from your diet and you will experience amazing energy and fat loss. They are white flour (or any grains- yes even whole grains for that matter), all dairy, table salt, and sugar.

1 – Come for regular exercise daily whether it be Kettlebell or Yoga.

GO! – Make this a habit and be proactive. Don't care what people think about you or what you are doing. There will be distractions, challenges, and obstacles, but you can overcome all of them. ONWARD!  


Eat Less, Live Longer

I was reading an email from a friend of mine, Jinjee, and she was saying some pretty interesting things. Here's what she had to say: New research reported in New Scientist Magazine shows a newly found molecule called TOR, that is activated by protein, that causes aging. Page one of this article is about the benefits of the Calorie Restriction diet proven to increase lifespans, and page two gets in to how people following the Calorie Restriction diet should be careful not to eat too much protein or they will negate the anti-aging they have a accomplished. A few years ago an article was written in Pear Magazine that focuses on the benefit of a combination with the Calorie Restriction Diet and the Raw Vegetarian/Vegan Diet would not only give Calorie Restrictionists the highest nutrient density foods they generally seek, but would probably also be the ideal diet for extending our life span to where it is supposed to be, (according to scientific research: about 120 - 150 years). This article seems to support that idea:

Outside of nutrition comes activity and exercise. Of course you know I recommend Kettlebell Training and certainly for good reason. Check this out ===> Performing Kettlebell Snatches burn 20.2 calories per minute- which equals 600 kcals in only 30 min (not factoring the ongoing afterburn). This is compared to Spinning (cycling class): 14 kcals, Running a 7 minute mile (and that's pretty quick too): 19 kcals, Elliptical Trainer (and we all know these are horrible for our knees, hips, & back): 9.8, and Swimming Laps: 13.6 kcals.  -Men's Health Magazine Here's another study with very similar results: University of Wisc & American Counsel of Exercise Study
Combination of both a balanced diet of high healthy fat foods, more veggies than anything else you are eating, at least 3 no bigger than your fist size portions of fruit every day, and protein that is very easy to digest such as nuts(not legumes), seeds, beans, wild caught fish, whole pasture eggs (and eat the whole thing too), and grassfed meats you will live a longer and happier life. Notice what foods I omitted and it is for a VERY good reason. Just because you like something or that you can buy it organically does not mean it is good for you. Stick to the basics, eat less, live longer, stay close to nature in everything you consume, don't allow yourself to eat convenient processed foods, saturate your body constantly with fresh filtered water and you will be more energetic than you ever know.