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The Un-Testimony of Anne Barton

Anyone can get results at any gym. Every workout program can deliver changes in our body. What happens when we don't see any? Let's not talk about results, how great our program is, or show a before and after testimonial. You've seen enough of that. Why does the slump occur, what keeps us from getting results, and what triggers us to finally take action is what we're exploring. 

This is the Un-testimony of Anne Barton.

Capture Your Moment kettlebell workout theme

Capture Your Moment Theme Perspective Points: One of the main reasons people come into Synergy Kettlebell is because they see the amazing results that their friends and family have had from joining Synergy Kettlebell. We want to hear about those phenomenal results and we want you to tell EVERYONE you know about them too!

Part of starting a new journey is documenting the beginning, the middle and the end. Many people take “before” and “after” pictures of themselves to remind themselves where they use to be and how far they have come with all their hard work. I want to encourage all Synergy Kettlebell members to bring, email to Bob, or post in our Facebook Member’s Group your “before” and “after” pictures and share with our gym your Synergy Success Stories. We will gladly post them on our “before” and “after” wall to showcase to everyone the validity of how Synergy changes lives.


Documenting your progress is such an important step when you are working towards a goal. It can help keep you motivated to keep fighting for what you want, and remind you why you started in the first place. Even if you don’t have a “before” and “after” picture, I want to encourage you to bring in your camera and take pictures of you during your workouts to share with your family and friends. Show them what our Synergy Family has to offer. As always, we will continue to work hard during these workouts and push ourselves a little farther each time so we can keep progressing with our goals and in the end receive the “after” picture of ourselves that we all want and will be proud of!

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Here's a sample of one of our workouts in our "Capture Your Moment" series:

Warmup: “This prepares you for today’s workout!”

Synergy Dynamics mobility drills standing series M2 2 Hand Swings (perform without setting down bell) M1 Pushups M2 Lunges- (forward 1 min. and reverse 1 min.) Cool Down: “This prepares you for your next workout!”

Synergy dynamic floor sequence and foam roll

Workout 5x5x5 Blaster: R5 (5 rounds, 5 exercises, 5 reps each) Double Half Snatch Tricep Dips on Bells (keep legs and feet together) Donkey Kick Burpees High Windmills- R/L (don’t rush this, take your time, go low and come back up 100% vertical with your torso) Phoenix Crunchers

  NOTE: This should take around 6-20 minutes to complete. If it is much quicker than the Kettlebell weights need to be increased. After R1 decide if your weights need to be increased.

  Finisher: Choose Your Own Adventure

Linn Garon, Synergy Success Story


Linn has had 4 babies in the past 7 years, but that doesn’t stop her!!

Over the years Linn has loved her kettlebell workouts as she comes to keep her body healthy before, during, and most definitely post pregnancy. She works hard in every class and even during her last pregnancy, at 8 months was conditioning just as strong. We monitor to ensure she is safely performing all exercise movements conducive to each trimester stage and make sure she listens to her body as well if it's telling her to slow down. Linn realizes the importance of a healthy body translates over to a healthy pregnancy and a more stable mindset throughout the term.

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