Telegraph Pass Trail- 102108

I went on one of my favorite hikes the other day at South Mountain and it was amazing. I found a new parking spot that saves me 15 minutes getting there. When I arrived I put in my iPod and started running. The new parking spot provides me with almost a good mile of running before the incline. I ran to the first step like area and then began my trek upward. This trail always provides a great leg workout. On my way down I ran the same distance back to where I started placing the finishing touches on what ended up being a really great time.

3 In 1- Kettlebells, Streets, and the Mountain

My workout for this day was pretty good except I had a hand tear half way that messed with my mind. Hand tears are never fun and my right hand seems to not want to progress past it. I keep tearing the same part every time I snatch even if I change my form around. It doesnt' make sense and that is the frustrating part. You don't want to keep warrioring through the tear and then leave yourself unable to practice for a couple weeks, but stopping can't be an option either. Well anyway regardless of the tear I still had a good workout and kept good pace.


10 Min. Timed Snatch Set(single hand switch) @ 16kg
20rpm until I tore my hand and then I kept a 15-18rpm pace for the last few min.

50 Situps and Stretch


2 Mile Fast Run


South Mountain Telegraph Pass Hike
2 Sets of 5x 32kg Jerks

This was a great hike and I ran down the stable half and then made a fast pace going up. This is my favorite South Mountain trail and it left me feeling great! :)