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General Kettlebell Training Styles

With Kettlebell Training there are two main styles. Both Hard Style(brought to popularity by Pavel Tsatsouline's RKC program & Dragon Door) and Girevoy Sport have their place. There is no right or wrong method as many have argued in the past. One is the actual authentic methods used by Russians and one is well... another way of doing things. Denis Kanygin said "Hardstyle is a stripped down version of original kettlebell technique." I really like that and it certainly makes sense when visually and physically comparing the two technique styles. If one would do things hard style for years and ongoing years they would not be able to maintain that practice due to the abuse on the body; however with G.S. a practitioner can maintain that from cradle to the grave. I have seen more and more of the former, and some still current, inner circle hardstyle folks employ the coaching of Girevoy Sport style practitioners so that they too can preserve themselves along their Kettlebell fitness journeys.

Kettlebell Sport style training flows much better with human mechanics so that the body gets stronger naturally instead of brutally placing unnecessary force upon joints, the spine, and soft tissue. Thankfully for people like Valery Fedorenko of the American Kettlebell Club, Steve Cotter, Ken Blackburn, (both of the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation) and others who have been virally bringing this message of Kettlebell Training to the masses.