Synergy Stellar Snatch Challenge

Synergy Stellar Snatch Challenge

This is my favorite challenge that we have ever had to date! There are 2 categories to win to make it fair. Everyone and anyone can win a prize!! We are going to run this challenge from Monday, February 4th through Thursday, February 28th.

To download the entire challenge as an easy to read PDF file so that you can review it and keep it with you for motivation click here: Synergy Stellar Snatch Challenge PDF

1) RAFFLE ENTRY CATEGORY & QUALIFICATIONS Men and Women: every lift = 1 point = 1 raffle entry. The total number of points is determined by the amount of lifts performed by each hand. Ex. Right performs 50 reps and Left performs 50 reps = 100 reps total. That would then equal 100 raffle points.

Any bell weight can be used to perform Snatches for raffle entries unless you are attempting to achieve in the Kettlebell Sport Category.

NOTE: Snatches performed during a class do not count towards the raffle entries. Stellar Snatch reps must be performed above and beyond the regular workout set criteria. Stellar Snatchers may perform their reps before or after class as well as at home if they have access to a Kettlebell.

2) KETTLEBELL SPORT CATEGORY & QUALIFICATIONS Any reps performed within this category also count toward the Raffle Entry Category.

There will be a 10 minute time limit; however you may finish sooner than that depending on how many reps you are trying to achieve.

To qualify, look at the charts below and find your personal weight category, desired bell weight category to use, and then ranking category.  Next you use the chart to tell you what your rep goal will be. Perform your set and achieve your rep goal. Each time you do it attempt to climb up the ranks. There are 3-4 ranks within each Kettlebell category.

Chart Key: CMS = Candidate Master of Sport MS = Master of Sport MSIC = Master of Sport International Class

Body Weight Categories at the top = what your bodyweight is. It is in kilograms so that is 2.2 divided your bodyweight in pounds = your bodyweight in kilos. Or you can take 2.2 multiplied by your weight in kilograms to get your weight in pounds.

Bell Weight Categories is noted by kilos and color on the chart. Please note that the color blue on the chart is not the 10kg light blue Kettlebell, but in fact the, as the chart indicates, it is the 12kg darker blue that we will be using for this challenge.



Yes absolutely!


Entries will be given, as described above, to all participants for every Snatch rep performed during the challenge. There will be 1 Men’s & 1 Women’s Raffle Category prize winner for Aurora & St. Charles which will be awarded at the close of the challenge.


1) Men’s Overall AURORA 2) Men’s Overall STC 3) Women’s Overall AURORA 4) Women’s Overall STC

The Overall Best Lifter Award winners will receive the Synergy Kettlebell Camo Shirts, a Visa gift card prize, and a certificate to go on the new Synergy Wall of Fame.

Note: the Overall Best Lifter title is the highest score for any weight-class in the above divisions with regard to the relative weight of the lifters. Winners are determined via an algorithm which takes into account the competitor’s bodyweight. Thus, this can be thought of as a “pound for pound” title. So in reality, a smaller lifter might win over a larger more muscular lifter.



The following rules are set to ensure safety and consistency of all participants as well fairness among all lifters no matter their skill level, bodyweight, bell weight, or number of reps performed.

a. You must perform the Snatch with good technique, fully lockout, and fixate before the next rep. Fixation Occurs when the lifter’s bell and body come to a complete stop. If you have a medical restriction that prevents you from fully locking out your elbow you must notify your set judge prior. Poor flexibility does NOT qualify as a medical restriction.

b. The bell must never touch the chest or shoulder.

c. On each rep, the judge will announce the repetition number or "no count." A no count is given if fixation does not occur or if elbow lockout does not occur.

d. The free hand may not touch the bell or your body during your set.

e. You are allowed to make only 1 hand switch during your set. The sum of both arms is your scored. Ex. If you need 52 reps to achieve your goal rank for that day then you may perform 26 reps per hand, 20 with the right & 36 with the left, and so on. Remember there is a 10 minute time limit for the set so you can switch any time, but of course just once. You must switch during the set. You cannot perform all the reps on one side.

f. During the set the bell is not allowed to touch the ground ever. If the bell touches the ground the set is stopped. Any reps that you performed up until that point will be your score. If the number of reps you performed were above the minimum then they count towards your overall score for that set.

g. Extra Swings: You are only allowed to perform 1 swing to get the bell Snatched into lockout. If you perform more than one back swing (aka extra swing) your next subsequent rep(s) will be no counts for as many back swings as you peformed. Ex. If you swing the bell 3 times to get it up over head into lockout, your next 2 reps will not be counted. This is because you would have performed 2 extra swings.

h. Chalk, belts & wrist guards are allowed. Gloves or other attire is not allowed.


Here is a video demonstration from IKSFA President, Honored Master of Sport of Kettlebell Sport, Honored Trainer of Russia, Sergey Rudnev (Сергей Руднев) of Snatch with 32kg (70lb) Kettlebell. Coach Rudnev weights about 64kg (140lbs). He demonstrates proper lifting mechanics, proper fixation, and proper breathing pattern. The video progresses to show front, both sides, and rear positions.

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Kettlebell Workout 4

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly" workout 4

Warmup: Synergy Dynamics

The Good: 5 Min set consisting of 2 Min Double Jerks, 2 Min Long Cycle and 1 Min Double Snatch

The Bad: Another set of "The Good".

The Ugly: 4 Rounds, 32 sec, 32 sec btwn rds Iguana Pushups Double Alternating Cleans Phoenix Crunchers Heavy Lazy Swings

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Kettlebell Workout 1

So we just wrapped up our "Anti-Batwing Campaign" Kettlebell Fat Blasting theme and started a brand new one I'm naming after my favorite Clint Eastwood movie: "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly". Check out or first installment below and give it a shot.

It's never too late to be what you might have been. -George Eliot

"The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly" Kettlebell Workout 1

Kettlebell Kamp 031611

Warmup: Synergy Dynamics

The Good: (advanced 1 hand switch, beginners switch on the min) M6 Snatch

The Bad: 15 on/ 15 off x 30 sets- this takes exactly M15 One Arm Thrusters- R/L (alternate every other set, full squat depth- elbow to thigh/knee)

The Ugly: 50x V-Situps (bent knee mod for back issue)

This is a great, great workout and it's so effective too. Leave me a comment and let me know how you did and what you thought. And after a good hearty workout make sure you always drink a solid protein smoothie such as one with hemp protein which is great fast digesting protein and good fat. Mix in some coconut oil, fresh organic blueberries or mango and acai berry powder for a super paced shake.

After your shake definitely make sure you spray on your Magnesium Oil for faster recovery and energy levels.  Here's what I personally use and have seen the best results:

Mahler's Aggressive Strength - Free Shipping On All Orders (US only)

Why Take Magnesium Oil? It directly helps support hormone production, increase energy, reduce muscle soreness, lose stomach fat, helps you sleep better at night, and ramp up heart health!  Transdermal is the best. Find out more information HERE.

Kettlebell Sport Training: Grip Saving Techniques

In my last Kettlebell Sport workout I practiced a change of hand position during my set of Cleans and I'm thinking it will be what I use moving forward. Instead of fully rotating my hand around (as I normally have for the past couple years) when I pass the bells between my legs, so that my thumb points back, I kept my thumb facing up as almost like I'm holding a hammer. Below I'll get into exactly what the differences as well as benefits of each grip is.  This is what I notice some of the top level lifters using and figured if they're using it most likely it's the better technique. Here's a quick video where I demonstrate both grip variations. Sorry about the parts where my head got chopped off. I didn't judge the camera distance from where I was standing too well. LOL

Which Grip Is Best? The reason why one should rotate your hands is if you either have a weak grip or are getting weak in the grip say after a long set or using heavier bells. When rotating the wrist you will preserve your grip, but place a slight tax on your shoulders. I know, 6 in one and half a dozen in the other, BUT you gotta do what you gotta do. If you have a long set in your training or competing in Girevoy Sport you might need to use both methods.

Hammer Grip: Let's say your grip is good when you start, but you don't want your shoulders to get tired right away. The grip you'll want to use is thumb up, without any or much hand rotation at all, and hammer orientate the kettlebells. This will allow your shoulders to relax as much as possible as you descend the bells, but the only downside is that you'll be holding onto the bell handles a bit more than a Rotated Grip.

Rotated Grip: Let's say your grip tires quickly or you're at the tail end of a long set and need to preserve your grip so you can last. What you will do is fully rotate your hands so that your thumb faces downward and back when the bells are between your legs. This will save your grip as much as possible and hopefully allow you to complete your set. The downside of this is that your shoulders will feel a bit more stress since they roll slightly inward when you rotate your hands. This causes the muscles to continue to work and thus is a leak on efficiency should wise. But if it's between dropping the bells and ending your set or hanging onto them I'd go with the later.

By no means are you stuck with either grip. You can change it up as you need to and as your set dictates your body to do.

The below workout is what we last practiced at Kettlebell Sport Club. The below weights are what I used, but everyone else simply used their appropriate bells. It's not even been 3 months since I started working with the 24kg kettlebells and I am finally feeling much more solid in my movements- especially my Jerk lockouts.

Warm up: Synergy Dynamics Cleans 2x16kg x 10, 2x24kg x 10, 2x32kg x 10


Long Cycle: We have several people preparing for the IKFF National in September who scale their weights accordingly. Cleans 2x24kg x 20 + 2x28kgx5 immediately after the 20 x 5 (rest 2:00 min between sets) Jerk 2x24kg x 12 x 3 (rest 2 min between sets)


Biathlon: The below weights were for Tammy since she's training for Biathlon for the IKFF Nationals. 2 other ladies also performed this workout with her because they preferred Snatching today. Snatch: 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 16kg, 12kg, 8kg - all @ 1 min per hand @ 8-12 rpm -non-stop (14 min set) Jerk: 16kg x 12 x 3 (rest 2 min between sets)


Finisher: Kettlebell Jump Squat 32kg x 15 x 3 (rest 1 min between sets)

Kettlebell Sport Grows With You

If you've never competed before here's what you need to know: Snatch, Jerk, or Long Cycle. Know those and you are qualified to go. I'm A Beginner... I Don't Think I'm Good Enough Yet. Perfect! Seriously!!! YOU are exactly who we want to grow our sport with. It doesn't matter if you're of an elite caliber or not. In fact most of the people going are not in any elite class.

NO MORE FEARS & HESITATION: Think of it this way, if Kettlebell Training wasn't safe then no one would do it. If it wasn't for beginners then no one would ever start. If it wasn't for people looking to get strong then we wouldn't have heavier bells. Get started now... today is perfect... wait for tomorrow and already you lost to yourself. OVERCOME YOUR FEARS TODAY!

Why Do We Compete??? We go because we have A LOT of fun with each other, the other competitors who travel from all over to hang, and for the events themselves so we can test ourselves to see how hard we can work. We all need motivation, determination, and inspiration. Your Kettlebell Sport experience will give that to you.

Who's Going To The Next Meet? Can I Go? You ABSOLUTELY CAN! There is a group of about 10 going as of right now to the IKFF Nationals in September. If you want to join Team Synergy, and represent us at Nationals either by competing OR as a spectator to support us, then Kettlebell Sport Club is for you and will give you everything you need to be ready for your event.

Full details here for the IKFF Nationals:

Registration for their early bird special is August 25th. So you still have time to decide. Need help let me know.

Here's some cool videos of exactly what it's like to be at a Kettlebell Sport competition.

And a very cool one with the Ice Chamber Ladies Team.

And From Our Very Own Nadia & Shaheen of Team Synergy


Be Inspired Today!


Today gentlemen, I am honored to coach you More honored to be leading you onto the field of battle But theres another honor to be bestowed upon you And that is in the answer that comes with that question: Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! Thats right, and you need to remember that all through this game I will conquer what has not been conquered Defeat will not be in my creed I will believe what others have doubted I will always endeavor to pull esteem, honor, and respect out of my team I have trained my mind and my body will follow Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! I will acknowledge the fact that my opponent does not expect me to win But I will never surrender Weakness will not be in my heart I will look to my comrades and to those who are a part of me in this world and those who have trained me And I will draw strength from them Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! I will gladly go out into the field of battle And I will move in everything I can do And I will reach my field of battle by any means at my disposal And when I get there, I will arrive violently I will rip the heart from my enemy, and leave it bleeding on the ground Because he cannot stop me Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! To my side I have comrades, comrades that have been with me through thick and thin Who have sacrificed their blood, sweat and tears Never will I let them fall, never will I let them down, and I will never leave an enemy behind Because our opponent does not know my heart Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! No one will deny me, no one will define me And no one will tell me who and what I am and can be Belief will change my world It has moved continents, it has moved countries, it has put men on the moon And it will carry me through this battle Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! Defeat, retreat: those are not in my words I dont understand those definitions I dont understand when things go wrong I dont understand mistakes But I do understand this: I understand victory, And I understand never surrendering No matter how bad things go my heart and my mind will carry my body through limits and weakness Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! Today will be that day Not tomorrow, not next week, but right now, right here In your house and in your homes Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! History will remember me I will not let worrying affect my cause I will define myself I will write my own pages And no one will tell me what I cannot be I will never give up Not until Ive given everything I got Because who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION!


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure, beyond measure.

Ima show you, how great I am.

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Cause if youre willin to go through all the battling you gotta go through to get to where you wanna get, whos got the right to stop you. I mean maybe some of you guys got something you never finished, something you really want to do, something you never said to somebody, something. And youre told no even after you pay your dues, whos got the right to tell you that, who? Nobody. Its your right to listen to your gut, it aint nobodys right to say no, after you earn the right to be where you want to be and do what you want to do.

Now if you know what youre worth, then go out and get what youre worth. But youve gotta be willing to take the hits. And not pointing fingers saying you aint where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that aint you! Youre better than that!

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

The Anatomy of Kettlebell Training: The Snatch Part 2


By: Coach Denis Kanygin

This is part 2 of The Anatomy of Kettlebell Training Series (read Part 1: Undersquat). Today I’d like to address a very common question: how to bring kettlebell down from lockout.

If kettlebell is brought down improperly, it will remove much skin from your palm and cause much pain and discomfort.

On the other hand, if brought down properly, kettlebell will keep hands happy and in one piece.

So, how should you bring kettlebell down from lockout in snatch lift so that it does not rip skin off of your hand?

The key to happy hands during kettlebell snatches is proper transition of grip

  • In lockout, lifter’s hand is pushed all the way through kettlebell handle
  • As kettlebell is brought down, grip changes to hook grip (like during kettlebell swings)

So, how should we switch from having hand through kettlebell to hook grip?

  • As the bell is falling down, relax your grip so that as the bell rotates there is 0 (zero) friction between hand and handle
  • ‘Catch’ kettlebell roughly at chest level with hook grip

This way, you will avoid pinching skin by kettlebell handle and minimize friction between handle and hand.

Less friction between kettlebell handle and hand means less blistering and less pain (don’t worry, you will feel pain in other parts of your body).

Here is a demonstration of how this transition should be done:

Enjoy and let me know how it goes.

Part 1 of our series The Anatomy of Kettlebell Training, by Bob Garon featuring The Swing, can be viewed HERE.

Part 2 of our series The Anatomy of Kettlebell Training, by Coach Denis Kanygin featuring The Snatch: Undersquat, can be viewed HERE.

About Coach Denis Kanygin: For the last 10 years, Coach Denis has been sharing his kettlebell training knowldege based in GS (Kettlebell Sport) with thousands of people.

Coach Denis is now a Technical and Kettlebell Sport Advisor to IKFF. He was responsible for creating new kettlebell sport rankings for IKFF (see Story of IKFF Sport Rankings). Coach Kanygin is now teaching his kettlebell training methodology based in pure Russian GS training methods coupled with his experience as postural therapist.

Coach Denis blogs here:


Feel free to leave your questions in comments below.