Saltiest Foods To Dine Out On

Here are some of them and I will be adding more as I come across them. Feel free to add to my list, by commenting below, so that others may benefit from our collaborated knowledge.

4. The saltiest side-dish: Denny's smoked ham. One slice packs 1,700 mg of salt. At 85 calories per slice, that's a lot of sodium per calorie.
3. The saltiest "healthy" food: Chili's Guiltless Grilled Chicken Platter, with 2,780 mg of salt. Don't be fooled by terms like "guiltless." The calories and fat may be lower, but salt and sugar may be added to jack up the flavor.
2. The saltiest bread: Dunkin' Donuts Salt Bagel, with 4,520 mg. This should be a heads-up for those that have never thought about salt in bread products.
1. The saltiest dish in America: Macaroni Grill Chicken Portobello, with a whopping 7,300 mg. That's three times the recommended amount for a day!