I am a Super Spartan and a Tough Mudder!

Well glad that's over! This weekend I finished the Super Spartan race still standing, but a bit more wet, muddy, and soooooooo cold. LOL! Wet I can handle. Muddy okay... but add cold on top of that and we've got a whole new level of discomfort! This was twice as hard as the Tough Mudder that I completed 6 weeks prior, but I did it and will forever enjoy the experience. This is me BEFORE getting all wet, muddy, and freezing cold!

CONTRASTING SUPER SPARTAN AND TOUGH MUDDER EVENTS The obstacles at the Super Spartan were so much more challenging, but at Tough Mudder it was the length of the run that was the more challenging part. At the Super Spartan they tried to psych you out like a drill sargent and people helped each other; however it felt more like every man for themselves moreover.

At Tough Mudder it was more about psyching you up and about the camaraderie feature above all else. Super Spartan times the race, but Tough Mudder does not and tells all participants that it is a challenge moreover a competition. They want you to finish irregardless of your time. Personally I like being timed and knowing where I stand among my peers as well as have a goal to beat for the next time I run the event.

To show you just how challenging the Super Spartan was over the Tough Mudder, I finished the Spartan in 1 hour and 55 minutes. It was an 8 mile race with 25+ obstacles. When I performed the Tough Mudder I finished in 1 hour 44 minutes and it was a 12 mile course with 21+ obstacles. So with 4 miles less, but 4 more obstacles I finished 11 minutes after my Tough Mudder time. I am overall happy with my times and it was such a great experience participating in both events. I'm going to do them again and am already registered to do so.

WHAT I HAD TO DO AT THE SUPER SPARTAN I had to drag around a 60 or 70lb. concrete block attached to a chain for about a quarter-mile, then ran for about a quarter mile to the next station where I then had to toss a 40 or 50lb. sandbag over my shoulder for another quarter-mile. We had to do a lot of climbing up and over things and we also had to flip tires to which was cool because I love doing that type of training. We had to Army crawl on our bellies through tunnels, down hill in tunnels, and under barbed wire through the slippery, cold mud. What a blast!! I tell ya!!

This is me AFTER getting all wet, muddy, and freezing cold!! LOL!

TRAINING FOR EVENTS LIKE THIS Definitely train a lot of hill runs because I tell you this whole course felt like it was uphill the entire time. LOL! I also recommend cross training with Kettlebells, tires, ropes, sandbags, and lots and lots of pulling movements such as with pullups, Jungle Gym XTs or the TRX.

When I perform my weight resistance workouts I do not run on those days so I can give my workouts 100% and keep my intensity as high as possible. I train weight resistance, as mentioned above with mainly Kettlebells & odd objects, 3 times a week and I run only twice a week. I have a long run and then on my second running day it is typically a shorter run with a much faster pace to push both my cardio and my body to increase my overall speed over the long distance runs.

Many people run too much or workout too frequently for their bodies to recover well and give them a higher level of fitness. Proper intensity and recovery are vital for fitness success. I want my body to recover the best it can and so far, have not had any injuries training like this.

If you would like a custom program written for you, to train for an event such as these, contact me and I will design one for you. I have prepared others, as well as myself, very successfully and it's a lot of fun! Contact me here: http://www.bobgarontraining.com/about


More pictures here: Bob Garon Super Spartan 2012