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Synergy Plank Challenge

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December means we’re planking!!!

Every year we have a 30 Day Challenge to Plank for time and in public.

2 Plank Categories To Win!

Challenge who you are and see who you will become!


1 min = 1 raffle entry Every minute you plank take one raffle ticket. Example: Plank 5 minutes you take 5 tickets.

If you’re new to Planking… TRY THIS: Day 1: 1 minute plank Day 2: 1 minute 10 second plank Day 3: 1 minute 20 second plank And so on adding at least 10 seconds every day for our entire challenge.

Planking can be on forearms or hands (with straight arms).



Post a pic of you Planking in public, at a unique location, on your Facebook or Instagram or directly on Synergy's Facebook Page. Tag “Synergy Kettlebell” and use the Hashtag #SynergyPlankChallenge so we get notified and see your pic. That’s all you need to do to be entered into our challenge raffle contest!!


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Plank more for a Synergy Strong core!!! #SynergyPlankChallenge

Triple and Quad Planks at Synergy Kettlebell Training St. Charles

BAM! Look at Jill, Alicia, Amy, & Joanne go!! Amy held that foundation for their planks so strong the whole time! WOW!!

Here's an outtake of when the quad plank crumbled. Joanne's face is priceless with that smile as she's falling from the top of the plank onto all of the other women. That is so awesome and such perfect timing for the shot. LOL!

Those girls are so cute standing there watching their mom's be strong women! See them all in action here: