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Lisa Garon Is An Outlaw Kettlebell Lifter

Lisa Garon was highlighted as a top U.S. Kettlebell sportsman, sportsperson, sportswoman (not sure which is appropriate LOL). Check out the featured article Ken Whetham put up on his North American Outlaw Kettlebell Club blog and show Lisa some love & support with a nice comment: Lisa Garon Outlaw Article HERE. Lisa really inspires me with how far she's come in such a short dedicated time. Her commitment to herself and her weekly routine is how this is all possible. When I first met her she didn't even go to the gym and to think about her eating anything healthy was like asking a horse to moo. LOL

She smoked, drank and partied here and there, but one day just decided it was time to get away from that life wrecking habit and create better ones. So she dropped over 30lbs and hasn't look back since. Who would have thought this little bowling ball with a handle on it would change her, and the lives of others, so much.

Watch the video below of her 20kg (44lb) One Arm Long Cycle set at the IKFF Kettlebell Lifting Invitational 2011. VERY solid set!

Great write up honey! You're lookin more amazing every day and every day you amaze me more.

Synergy Kettlebell Training "No Weak Sauce" Challenge Rewards

Achieve Kettlebell Sport rankings in either IKFF or AKC and we’ll celebrate together with some awesome rewards recognizing your dedication and achievement.

2011 is the Year of Yes! Do NOT say "Maybe"!!! Do or do not. -Master Yoda

YES I Can! YES You Can! YES We Can!

With that mindset let's make some new goals happen and step off this year stronger than ever before in your entire life. This is YOUR year! This is YOUR 2011! Let's make it so!!

New for 2011, as a Synergy Kettlebell Training member, when you achieve Kettlebell Sport ranks in either the IKFF or AKC we'll support you with really cool recognition rewards.

Ranks for each organization:

International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation Kettlebell Sport Ranks

American Kettlebell Club Ranks

According to the AKC here are the Top 10 Benefits of the Kettlebell Sport Ranking System

Promotes the use of lighter weight and greater technique Reduces chance of injury as lifter can progress gradually Opens the sport to many more lifters Encourages a balanced, healthy approach Allows coaches to bring in more clients / students Specifically creates a better lockout and rack position Promotes adherence to the sport Creates competition at lower levels Increases potential size of teams Opens up the kettlebell community to more age groups


I love having ranks like this cause it benefits us with a solid goal and once we reach that goal we know exactly where to go beyond that. So as we improve in the ranks we know that our body is improving in every aspect as well to become more and more Skinny Stronger every day. I must tell you that achieving rank just doesn't happen. It's not something we just stumble upon and do one day. It's something we must work toward with everything we've got. Only that way will we truly enjoy the sweet rewards of everything Kettlebell Training results have to offer.

I wanna see some newbies get rank here real soon. Age or experience doesn't matter as much as getting out there and doing it. You never know what you're capable of until you put yourself to the test. By achieving each rank we find out more and more about how we can improve ourselves to get better. That's the great thing about Kettlebell Sport ranks. We're already doing this stuff and now we can apply it right to a perfect set of goals in front of us to motivate and encourage us to be the best we can.

The Turkeybell Brings Kettlebell Sport To Aurora, IL

Our Synergy Turkeybell Sport Invitational was so much fun to run. I now have a whole new respect for Ken Blackburn(IKFF), Ashleigh Shooshanian(IKFF), Rebecca L. Cate(IKFF), Eric Liford(AKC), Valery Fedorenko(AKC), and everyone else who puts on regular Kettlebell Sport competitions. Thank you & BRAVO to all the competitors who got up on the platform! And thank you everyone who helped me put on the show.

For those who don't know about Kettlebell Sport competitors get up on the platform and perform their sets with a 10 minute time limit. In Kettlebell Sport there are 2 traditional events: Biathlon (Jerk & Snatch) and Long Cycle (clean & jerk). For more info & if you're in the Aurora, IL area go here: Get Skinny Strong With Kettlebell Sport Training

Here's the stats for Team Synergy... videos are coming in future posts...

Susan Lausier competed in Women's 12kg Biathlon and performed: Jerk- 81R / 79L = 160 total Snatch- 81R / 77L = 158 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 12kg bells: 29 reps _________________

Courtney Szorc competed in Women's 16kg Long Cycle and performed: 61R / 57L = 118 total _________________

Lisa Garon competed in Women's 20kg Long Cycle and performed: 33R / 28L _________________

Rocio Tena competed in Women's 12kg Long Cycle and performed: 48R / 49L = 97 total _________________

Nadia Hernandez... What a warrior-goddess she is!!! She competed with a cast on due to a busted knee cap that slid out of place just 2 days ago. Nadia competed in Women's Youth 8kg Long Cycle and performed: 63R / 53L = 116 total _________________

Alma Pilz competed in Women's 12kg Long Cycle and performed: 48R / 50L = 98 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 8kg bells: 37 reps _________________

Carol Larson competed in Women's 12kg Long Cycle and performed: 52R / 48L = 100 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 8kg bells: 32 reps _________________

Tammy Gerken competed in Women's 16kg Biathlon and performed: Jerk: 61R / 47L = 108 total Snatch: 36R / 30L = 66 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 12kg bells: 35 reps _________________

Shaheen Mohammed competed in Women's 16kg Long Cycle and performed: 50R / 42L = 92 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 12kg bells: 28 reps _________________

Darlene Davis competed in Women's 12kg Biathlon and performed: Jerk: 70R / 61L = 131 Snatch: 46R / 46L = 92 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 12kg bells: 20 reps _________________


Brayden Garon(age 6) competed in YOUNG GIREVIKS Boy's Long Cycle Clean & Jerk using two 4kg bells for 10 minutes and performed 74 reps total. This was a 20 rep increase from what he did 7 weeks ago at the IKFF Nationals.

Ava Larson(age 5) competed in YOUNG GIREVIKS Girl's Long Cycle Clean & Push Press using 5lb. bell for 10 minutes and performed 74 reps total.

Thanks again to everyone who competed, attended, and assisted me in running the Turkeybell. We're doing a very special event in January and all proceeds go to a charity. Then in June will be our Summerbell Sport Invitational and next November will be the 2nd annual Turkeybell Sport Invitational. Keep lifting your Kettlebells and I hope to see you on the platform soon. Wanna get started in Kettlebell Sport and be part of Team Synergy... let's make it happen. Call me: (630) 708-0055

5 Easy KISS Rules To Keep You Healthy When You're Busy

Since I like to enjoy eating food rather than cook it I asked my wife, Lisa Garon, to write a blog post for you so that she could share a handful of her tricks of the trade. Here's what she had to say:

Recently I have been promoted to Culinary Manager at Red Lobster. Essentially this means many more hours than I was working for the previous eight months.  To be honest, it’s been pretty challenging to say the least.  I have not had the time I previously did to come up with creative recipes or dedicate myself to my kettlebell sport training.  It's been crushing to me because I don’t have the same satisfaction that I once did when everything is in balance.

Some people think that just because they are busy they don’t have away to be healthy, both for themselves or for their families.  Well, I’m gonna tell you that is a myth.  Here's a few basic steps you can do now to better your lives for the future.

1. Don’t waste your time in the grocery store. I used to be the “up every aisle” girl.  Then I discovered that I wasn’t purchasing anything from the aisles.  Stay primarily in the produce section, and then follow around the perimeter.  If you need a specific item from the aisle, say coconut milk, nuts, or almond butter, then go for that itemspecifically. To be healthy, the perimeter contains everything you need. Anything in the aisles are simply processed foods packed with sugar, salt, and overabundance of food-like substances.

Aisles to avoid altogether: frozen food, snack foods, bread and beverages.  There is nothing beneficial for you here.

2. Two words: Produce Delivery OR Farmer's Market. This is becoming more and more common across the country.  This will also help you to avoid overspending at the store. We use Timber Creek Farms in Illinois, but depending on where you are you can certainly find either a home delivery service or great Farmer's Market to get your produce. Timber Creek offers free delivery right to your doorstep and is 100%  organic at prices actually cheaper than if you bought conventionally grown foods making several different store trips.

3. When you get your produce pre-wash and prepare your veggies and fruits. This may take a small portion of time today, but you will be ahead for the week.  I recently invested in a really cool Tupperware container that has the 6 different compartments in it.  Now I can readily prepare(chop, dice, slice, etc) mine and my family’s salads in a matter of minutes for the remainder of the week so all we have to do is toss the greens in a bowl and the accompanying toppings are all ready to go.

4. Simplicity. You remember the "Keep It Simple Silly(or Stupid, depending on who you learned it from)" old adage...  Don’t spend a lot of time coming up with impressive recipes.  Just throwing some coconut oil, veggies, sea salt and touch of seasonings in a casserole and letting it bake is pretty tasty enough for all the members of your family.

5. Prepare only one meal. You aren’t working for a restaurant, so there should be no need for 2 or 3 different meals every day.  That’s just silly! During the day snack on nuts, fruit, and veggies. Eat a well balanced meal at night that's packed with healthy fat, easy to digest protein, and the most important details: veggies and fruits.... more veggies than fruits though.

Just because we are busy does not equal unhealthy, for you or your loved ones.

High Fat Eating Menu

Here's just a quick post about what we had for our evening meal last night.  It was a great high fat day and I want to share it with all of you so that you can add it to your menus. Starter: Humongous Mixed Greens, Kale, Carrots, Pineapple Smoothie or Salad

*25 min. staggered wait until next course for adequate digestion and enzyme release.

Black Bean Soup: 2 tomatoes stewed with unrefined walnut oil, cumin, garlic and onion. Add 2 cans of black beans. Bake till bubbling. Top with (optional: raw mild cheddar cheese), avocado, organic sour cream, and fresh squeezed lime juice. *25 min. staggered wait until next course for adequate digestion.

Vegetable Casserole: Sautee onions, baby portebello mushrooms, red & green cabbage, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower and some garlic with some unrefined walnut oil. Add fresh spinach on top at the end. Put in large casserole and top with raw cheese. Bake just till brown. *25 min. staggered wait until next course for adequate digestion.

Wild Caught Halibut and Bay Scallops: Cook over medium heat with unrefined walnut oil, garlic, and onion. *25 min. staggered wait until next course for adequate digestion.

Dessert every night: Big bowl of mixed raw nuts and sugar free, unsulfered dried fruit mix.