Benefits Of Our "No RESOlution, Kettlebell REVOlution" Workouts

January was our month focused on "Power" and it gives way to a month next focused on "Strength". During January how have you seen your body change from just 30 days ago. How else can you change yourself in the next 7 days? My REVO 2015

During our "No RESOlution, Kettlebell REVOlution" theme we did some longer timed sets mixed in with our shorter power sets.


BENEFIT #1: People run, bike, and swim for 30, 60, 90 min during a workout or race event. Kettlebell snatch, jerk, and/or long cycle is a cyclical sport just like those 3. We keep it to 10 min max, except for our special events (1 Hour Long Cycle charity events) in classes. This provides muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance like no other weight resistance method can ever provide.

BENEFIT #2: Whether it's a 5k or during a marathon people are doing the same thing over and over again until they are finished. They run the whole time and in doing so they learn how to become more efficient in their gait. Same is true for repeated Kettlebell movement. Each rep teaches you how to become more efficient even if you are not directly cognizant of that.

OUR SYNERGY TRAINING PROGRAM OVERVIEW We divide our annual training program into 4 mesocycles (3 month phases). Each of these cycles is programmed with a specific training adaption in mind taking into account the different muscle fiber types and energy systems we have in our bodies. Each macro-cycle is approximately 4 weeks in length, although there is some variation based on the holiday/school calendar for your convenience

Power [shorter sets, 5-10 reps], Strength [moderate sets, 10-20 reps], Conditioning [longer sets, 30+ reps], etc.

Each training session has a very specific purpose in the program as well. During some mesocycles (phases) each training session in the microcycle (week) will incorporate the same exercise-to-work ratio. This is a more traditional approach to interval training. Other times, the training sessions will incorporate different exercise-to-work ratios. This is known as undulating interval training. Both methods are beneficial and have their place in an overall training program.



Here is an example of a couple of the workouts we did in January:

Your Fat Blaster: 7 Rounds, 45 sec each movement Dead Man Burpees 15 sec rest Double Alternating Cleans (video linked at 4:05, beginners can definitely give this a shot, but if the movement isn't grasped right away use one bell & switch half way) 15 sec rest

Finisher: 10 min, 10 sec in hang position, 10 sec in rack, 10 sec in lockout, go back n forth like that for M10.

Double Long Cycle with static holds: Hang, Rack, & Lockout Holds (Watch video demo entirely to see the pace. NOTE: A light bell cannot be used during this drill because the effect will be way to easy. While the hang & rack positions might feel easier A "PROPER BELL" NEEDS to be a bell that is VERY challenging to keep overhead. MEN: definitely use doubles. Beginners may use lighter "baby bells" or even single bells and switch at the halfway mark, once you start with doubles you must stay committed to them for the whole set, GO WITH A MANAGEABLE WEIGHT ENOUGH TO CHALLENGE & stay committed to those bells)

Comfort Zone Breakout Blaster: 3 Rounds 1 min Wall Sit 1 min Plank Hold


Your Fat Blaster: 6 Rounds, 45 sec each movement Capoeira Lunge (start in horse stance, always return to the horse stance too and retain perfect upright posture- VERY IMPORTANT, lunge back with right leg and right arm comes forward across body, return to horse stance, left leg goes back and left arm comes across body, MAKE SURE the back knee always drops down because most people forget that part and keep their leg straight) 15 sec rest Heavy One Arm Bent Over Row (step forward w/ opposite leg into a staggered stance, working side leg is back, place non-working arm on forward leg, row bell up so elbow is high and bell touches lower ribs, keep arm/elbow close to body throughout the whole movement, SWITCH HANDS EACH ROUND) 15 sec rest

Metabolic Blaster: 5 Rounds, 1 min on/ 1 min off Double Long Cycle SPRINT (THE RIGHT BELL MEANS that you perform 11-13 reps every working minute, If you are performing 14 or more than you need heavier bells, if you are performing 10 or fewer then you have too heavy, beginners use 1 bell & switch every round, remember “sprint” simply means to go as fast as you are able to go WITH PERFECT TECHNIQUE)

Comfort Zone Breakout Blaster: 3 Rounds 1 min Jungle Gym Rows 1 min Prisoner Squats or Prisoner Jump Squats




We're personal training in a group environment. Come join us for a certified Kettlebell coach led group class at Synergy Kettlebell Training in Aurora, Dixon, and St. Charles, IL.





Powerhouse Ashley Ilseman Cleans & Jerks Heavy Kettlebells

I am a Super Spartan and a Tough Mudder!

Well glad that's over! This weekend I finished the Super Spartan race still standing, but a bit more wet, muddy, and soooooooo cold. LOL! Wet I can handle. Muddy okay... but add cold on top of that and we've got a whole new level of discomfort! This was twice as hard as the Tough Mudder that I completed 6 weeks prior, but I did it and will forever enjoy the experience. This is me BEFORE getting all wet, muddy, and freezing cold!

CONTRASTING SUPER SPARTAN AND TOUGH MUDDER EVENTS The obstacles at the Super Spartan were so much more challenging, but at Tough Mudder it was the length of the run that was the more challenging part. At the Super Spartan they tried to psych you out like a drill sargent and people helped each other; however it felt more like every man for themselves moreover.

At Tough Mudder it was more about psyching you up and about the camaraderie feature above all else. Super Spartan times the race, but Tough Mudder does not and tells all participants that it is a challenge moreover a competition. They want you to finish irregardless of your time. Personally I like being timed and knowing where I stand among my peers as well as have a goal to beat for the next time I run the event.

To show you just how challenging the Super Spartan was over the Tough Mudder, I finished the Spartan in 1 hour and 55 minutes. It was an 8 mile race with 25+ obstacles. When I performed the Tough Mudder I finished in 1 hour 44 minutes and it was a 12 mile course with 21+ obstacles. So with 4 miles less, but 4 more obstacles I finished 11 minutes after my Tough Mudder time. I am overall happy with my times and it was such a great experience participating in both events. I'm going to do them again and am already registered to do so.

WHAT I HAD TO DO AT THE SUPER SPARTAN I had to drag around a 60 or 70lb. concrete block attached to a chain for about a quarter-mile, then ran for about a quarter mile to the next station where I then had to toss a 40 or 50lb. sandbag over my shoulder for another quarter-mile. We had to do a lot of climbing up and over things and we also had to flip tires to which was cool because I love doing that type of training. We had to Army crawl on our bellies through tunnels, down hill in tunnels, and under barbed wire through the slippery, cold mud. What a blast!! I tell ya!!

This is me AFTER getting all wet, muddy, and freezing cold!! LOL!

TRAINING FOR EVENTS LIKE THIS Definitely train a lot of hill runs because I tell you this whole course felt like it was uphill the entire time. LOL! I also recommend cross training with Kettlebells, tires, ropes, sandbags, and lots and lots of pulling movements such as with pullups, Jungle Gym XTs or the TRX.

When I perform my weight resistance workouts I do not run on those days so I can give my workouts 100% and keep my intensity as high as possible. I train weight resistance, as mentioned above with mainly Kettlebells & odd objects, 3 times a week and I run only twice a week. I have a long run and then on my second running day it is typically a shorter run with a much faster pace to push both my cardio and my body to increase my overall speed over the long distance runs.

Many people run too much or workout too frequently for their bodies to recover well and give them a higher level of fitness. Proper intensity and recovery are vital for fitness success. I want my body to recover the best it can and so far, have not had any injuries training like this.

If you would like a custom program written for you, to train for an event such as these, contact me and I will design one for you. I have prepared others, as well as myself, very successfully and it's a lot of fun! Contact me here:


More pictures here: Bob Garon Super Spartan 2012

Happy Birthday To Synergy Kettlebell Training!!! Numero 2!!

Today marks the 2 Year Anniversary that Synergy Kettlebell Training has been in business in IL. Yeaaaaa!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SYNERGY!!! :) :) :)

===> To celebrate our 2nd Birthday we are actually giving YOU a gift!!! October 1st thru October 31st whenever you refer a friend who joins you get an entire month's dues completely waived! This is my way of saying thank you and I appreciate you for helping us grow Synergy by spreading the word of how awesome your Kettlebell results are. :) To qualify you friend simply needs to start their trial during the month of October and then stay on as a full member.

Thank you sooooo much for your loyalty, commitment, and friendship. YOU are all the reason why we are doing what we do and able to reach out to more and more people every day. It is a HUGE honor to work with each and every one of you to help you get fit, stay fit, and live longer, healthier lives. I truly, truly love you all and always hope the absolute best from the very bottom of my heart.

Here's to next year and beyond!

kettlebell family

How Often Should I Train Kettlebells?

Kettlebell WorkoutPeople always ask me, and we've been discussing this A LOT lately at Synergy Kettlebell Training, how often it is recommended to come- to exercise- each week for good results. What we HIGHLY recommend is, IF you're schedule allows, to come 3-4 days a week and you will reap the full benefit. 2 days on and 1 off, and no more than 2 days off in a row or you can possibly regress ever so slightly.

If your schedule doesn't allow that then definitely come as often as you can, but just no more than 2 days in a row and no more than 2 days off in a row. Ex. If you can only come Monday, Wed, & Friday that will be 1 day on and 1 day off with only 2 days off (the weekend) before you come back again on Monday. That's perfectly fine.

Remember that what I have seen as one of the BEST schedules is 2 days on and 1 off with no more than 2 days off in a row. What I personally do is this: Mondays & Tuesdays are always Kettlebell days, Wednesdays are yoga and/or cardio days, Thursdays & Fridays are always Kettlebell days, and weekends are misc days where I go on walks, bike rides, or whatever.

Your recovery is when you see results. What you do in the gym is preparing your body for that recovery. When you recover you are dropping fat, getting stronger, healing micro-trauma, etc. So it is not recommended to keep compounding workout on top of workout on top of workout for better results. You want to be effective and efficient in each one and set your body up for good recovery. Enjoy your recovery days too!

Do that each and every week- rain or shine, come hell or high water- and you will experience amazing results the rest of your life. Sound good? Good! :)


Also after every workouts and before you go to bed every night make sure you spray on your Magnesium Oil for faster recovery and energy levels. Here's what I personally use and have seen the best results:

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Why Take Magnesium Oil? It directly helps support hormone production, increase energy, reduce muscle soreness, lose stomach fat, helps you sleep better at night, and ramp up heart health! Transdermal is the best. Get Your Magnesium Oil HERE.

"Back To The Future" Kettlebell Workout 1

"I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do." -Leonardo Da Vinci

"Back To The Future" Kettlebell Workout 1

Warmup: Synergy Dynamics

Perform the following with a partner (distributing the reps equally), or perform half of the reps solo FOR TIME. Break up the reps and movements however you'd like as long as you and your partner finish 200 of each total between the 2 of you or 100 total for going solo.

200x Prisoner Squats 200x One Arm Thrusters 200x Burpees 200x V-Situps 200x Heavy 2 Hand Swings

New Warrior Training Comes To Chicagoland

Too many people dread the gym and dread working out. Guess what, and this might be a news flash to many of you, so do I. Seriously... I really do. BUT I enjoy playing and having fun. That's what life should be all about. Beyond sissy situps, squats, and pushups you have Sincere Hogan's "New Warrior Training". New Warrior Training is about playing NOT working out. Go back to the days you truly enjoyed life and moving like a kid. That's what it's about. Learn how to play effectively, safely, intensely, and get fit at the same time as truly enjoying every bit of the process.

Personally I always love learning new things and Chicagoland you have that opportunity coming to you on May 14th only at Synergy Kettlebell Training. Sincere Hogan, of New Warrior Training & one of the best of the best fit coaches worldwide, and I are teaming up for an exclusive workshop on the ultimate blending of bodyweight movements and Kettlebells. What you will learn will be things you've never seen before and some you have. Time to learn how to play baby and become a better at who we are.

I can say a lot of things about this, but who better than to hear all about it straight from THE MAN himself...


Click Here to register now for the Chicago New Warrior Training Workshop upcoming on May 14th at Synergy Kettlebell Training.   *IF YOU'RE A SYNERGY KETTLEBELL TRAINING MEMBER YOU GET A NICE DISCOUNT ON THE WORKSHOP SO CONTACT SINCERE OR BOB FOR THE COUPON CODE.


In case you can't make it, grab your copy of the brand spankin new DVD released directly from Sincere Hogan today!

Sincere Hogan's New Warrior Bodyweight Animal Training DVD

The Ultimate Bodyweight Conditioning for Strength & Fat Loss Workshop DVD The Ultimate Bodyweight Training DVD for strength & fat loss.