kettlebell strength

Kettlebell Training EQUALS Strength Endurance NOT Bulk

Lately I have encountered a few people who have expressed to me that they purposely do not use heavier weights during their workouts because they believe they will bulk up if they do.

We, at Synergy, are not training for bulk. When I hear them say these things I then reciprocate with these questions:

Are you eating to bulk up? Nope probably not. If you are bulking because of your eating then you are not eating properly.

Do you have high testosterone to add bulk? No you definitely do not.

Is your workout program structured & designed for increasing muscle mass? No it is definitely not!

The way I design all Synergy Kettlebell Training workouts is with using submaximal weights for overall work capacity in a timed manner. If your program was designed to add bulk you would be performing sets of 2-5 reps with very maximal weights and take very long breaks between sets so you can muster up the renewed strength to do it again a few more times. This is the exact opposite of how I design our Synergy workouts. Additionally, Lisa, and SEVERAL other women who train in Kettlebell Sport, regularly train with very heavy bells for time. In fact, my wife Lisa just performed sets this week with the green (24kg/53lb) and black (26kg/57lb) and the day before that went 8 minutes in long cycle with the green bell without setting it down the entire time. She weighs 135lbs.

Our focus with Kettlebells is STRENGTH ENDURANCE- not bulk or mass building. We aim to build as much strength as we possibly can in a small, slender, and fit package. This is our ultimate goal and we define that simply as being "Skinny Strong".

No matter your fitness based workout program, if your goal is to lose fat and not build mass, then your daily nutritional habits must match your goals. If it does not then your desired outcome will not come to pass. I can tell you right now if you feel you are bulking then you are not practicing balanced nutrition or your body would reflect that.

Your habits must reflect your goals in and out of the gym. So pick up the heavier weight next time you workout and get Skinny Stronger!