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1 TIP To Make Your Kettlebell Swing and Snatch Easier

One of the foundational Kettlebell movements is the Swing. The King of Kettlebell movements is called the Snatch. Both of these movements are linked to one another and when performed properly they each definitely give you pretty amazing results. I've seen people, even trainers, butcher exercising with Kettlebells with horrific form and this leads unsuspecting public to follow suit. The Kettlebell is an amazing fitness tool that delivers some pretty impressive results, but when used incorrectly it could harm you with injuries.

In this video I teach you an important efficiency tip to make it easier for you so you can quickly reap all the Kettlebell rewards.

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Technique Tips From Your Coach

Those of you who know me, Coach Rudnev is the exact same size, weight, and height that I am. So the bell that he is using in this video is approximately half of his body weight. Watch how impressively he Snatches it repeatedly without much rest during this set.

Pay very very close attention to his exact techniques and visualize yourself doing the same. Notice the small things that matter. Notice his hand positioning & grip, his elbow position, his foot/leg position, and his breathing patterns.

We will be having some Synergy Beginner & Advanced Workshops coming up in the beginning of September so I will teach you the exact skill set that he taught me on a few occasions when he was over here in the States from Russia.

Together we will refine your techniques so that when you lift any size Kettlebell it will feel easier, and you will reduce your chance of injury, solely because you will lift much more efficiently.

Keep an eye out on our Coaching website for the events and watch more technique videos there:

Freedom Of Exercise

I was reading a Facebook post today from a fellow Kettlebell coach of mine. He was saying how one of his students completed a lower level Kettlebell certification course. This person also practices, and competes in, Kettlebell Sport. What really irked him was that another Kettlebell coach, and also a co-worker to his student, who has completed a higher level certification course was threatening to report this individual because she was performing the Kettlebell Jerk and that movement was not taught until the Level 2 course. My goodness!!! keep-calm-cause-we-are-the-elite

Who the heck gives the right for someone to lift how they want to lift and train how they want to train except the individual. It does not matter what course a person has taken or not taken. Courses are only developed for the purpose of educating the public and generating a business profit for those who lead the course. Both focuses are perfectly acceptable objectives, but just because someone has not gone through a higher level course does not mean that they cannot practice what they want or begin to introduce other means into their own program.

People just need to relax from the elitest mindset, become more personally secure, and allow others to be who they are and express themselves how they see fit.

Keep in mind that the Jerk, Snatch, Swing, Clean, or whatever has been around long long before any of these said courses have. It is up to us to decide how we train our own bodies and what movements we use to do that. Good thing this 'Higher Level' coach didn't see her practicing her double-under technique with the jump rope because that's not even offered in the Level 2 course. The audacity! The outrage! Actually, how quite pathetic in my opinion.

I'd like to hear your thoughts...

-Bob Garon, GiryaWarrior

What Are The Best Kettlebell Exercises?

PhotoGrid_1358133699541 I often get asked what the best exercises are and which Kettlebell exercise is the best. I say to always stick to the basics because the basic always work.

They are swing, snatch, jerk, long cycle clean and jerk, some front (aka rack) squats, TGUs (turkish get up) are good too.

Turkish Getup

Don't forget to include some body weight exercises such as pullup variations, dips, pushup variations, lunges, jumping squats (with or without a KB), and heavy tire flips or deadlifts FOR SURE! These will all engage your core so much more than any abdominal specific exercise ever could.

Each of those movements tie directly into the body's 8 primal movement patterns. So stay focused on the basics because the basics will never steer you wrong.


Making Your Kettlebell Snatch More Efficient PART 4

In PART 4 I overview the most common mistakes people make when performing the Kettlebell Snatch. Once corrected, you will become more efficient in this wonderful full-body movement. It will be better & safer for your lower back, shoulders, and grip. You will also increase your overall performance too!

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Making Your Kettlebell Snatch More Efficient PART 2

In Part 2 of my "Making Your Kettlebell Snatch More Efficient" I overview the most efficient technique to accelerate the Kettlebell overhead into lockout when performing the Snatch. We do not want to thrust the bell overhead, but the technique I show you will keep you lifting efficiently and much more safely for your back.

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