kettlebell challenge

January Rowing Challenge


3, 2, 1, Let’s Row!!!!

Inching closer each day, during the month of January row either a half-marathon (LEVEL 1) or full-marathon (LEVEL 2) total distance on our Concept 2 "erg" rowers.

Row a little bit each day and make it all add up over the whole month!! Do it as your warmup, cool down, or come in just to row for your workout.


(1,000 meters = 1 kilometer)

Half Marathon: 21 kilometers (13.1 miles)

Full Marathon: 42 kilometers (26.2 miles)

Have fun, make it a competition with others if you want, have fun, row for cardio, have fun, row with a buddy, have fun, burn TONS of calories, and most of all have fun!

Chip away at your meters however you want. Each day row some more, keep a tally on our Challenge whiteboard, and on Jan 31st have your half or full marathon row completed.

Take the challenge and let's step it up this month!!

Synergy Running Challenge 2017

We're going to enjoy the last bit of summer with a running challenge to wrap up the month of August!! Whether you run fast, run slow, or simply trot along this is totally doable.

This isn't just your ordinary running challenge, but we're keeping it simple while still challenging for beginners and advanced participants.

So here's how it works... align up your Run with your Challenge. Beginners your distance is the B Scale and Advanced yours is the A Scale. Once you see your distance then you choose which Challenge you're going to complete while running. To do this challenge you cannot just run. You must choose a Challenge to do too.

RUN Day 1: B Scale = 1/4 mile, A Scale = 1/2 mile Day 2: B = 1/2 mile, A = 1 mile Day 3: B = 1/4 mile, A = 1/2 mile Day 4: B = 1/2 mile, A = 1 mile Day 5: B = 1/4 mile, A = 1/2 mile Day 6: B = 1/2 mile, A = 1 mile

CHALLENGE Option 1: 10x Burpees EMOM during your run. Option 2: Carry a sledgehammer Option 3: Farmer's Carry 2 Kettlebells Option 4: Hold a med ball above your head the whole time. Option 5: Carry a plate (M 45lbs, W 25lbs) Option 6: Rack Carry 1 or 2 Kettlebells

That's it! Have fun with our Synergy Running Challenge, enjoy the running weather, and enjoy moving better. #SynergyStrong