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Fuel The Fire kettlebell workout theme

Fuel The Fire "Fuel The Fire" NEW Synergy Kettlebell workout theme launches March 1st-15th!!

"Fuel The Fire" is going to structure our mindset. Our daily workouts are going to fuel not only our bodies but our minds. Our minds are what needs to be the strongest even beyond our physical body.

Our goals and ambitions should never fade. Our fitness goals are not temporary plans, but a life long journey.

It’s time to recognize our personal goals, that which is why we are here, and find that fire deep down that keeps us going.

Let’s Refuel it again so we can Stay on track with our fitness journey and keep a strong mindset going! When we do that we can mentally and physically see progress and reach our goals one day at a time.

WE're REALLY looking forward to leading you through "Fuel The Fire" and look forward to seeing you come into Synergy!!

December 2011 Synergy Kettlebell Announcements

EVERYONE: Watch this video and check out the 3 things we're doing in December... well okay 4 considering my bonus at the end, but I ran out of paper (watch the vid and you'll understand). Ha ha!