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Best Of Synergy 2013 Kettlebell workout theme


We started a tradition last year in December 2012 with an awesome theme we called: "Best of Synergy". We take all the workout favorites from the prior 11 months of the year and bring them back to finish the year with a BOOOOM & BLAST!!! This is gonna be awesome!!! Check out the themes we're referencing throughout every class below...

WHAT TO EXPECT When you come to your Synergy Kettlebell class you will hear about the overall theme title being "Best of Synergy 2013" and then you will also hear the referencing theme where the workout can previously be found.

We're not doing a nutritional challenge this month so you're off the hook there, BUT of course continue to practice the Eagles Wings (good nutrition & consistent exercise) by eating clean, drinking no less than half your bodyweight in ounces of water daily, and stay away from the B&P.

30 DAY SUPER PLANK CHALLENGE We are going to be having our annual Plank Challenge again starting Monday as well. It's a simple and fun one to do, without any equipment, that can be done anywhere. You will win in 3 different categories: Longest plank, For every 1 minute you plank you get a raffle entry, and the silliest public plank pictures will be all included this time around as well. I encourage you to come to your classes to be a part of our challenge because winning is nice, but the overall goal is to improve ourselves.


"BEST OF SYNERGY 2013" THEMES WE ARE REFERENCING DURING DECEMBER KB-3D Chuck Norris' Warmups Unleash Your Inner Superhero One Step Closer Kettlebell Addict Rise of the Mad Minutes Game On! Love Handles Kettleburn N:OW Kettlebell Marathon

strong people are harder to kill!

Peak Performance Kettlebell Workout Theme

This is our newest theme at Synergy Kettlebell Training for the next 2 weeks and each workout will be focused on teaching us to physically and mentally scale to New Heights with Stamina & Strength! Each workout is designed exclusively with those 2 goals in mind. Peak Performance 1

Keep these things in mind: 1) Strong is a Choice. It's obvious you have chosen STRONG today by your attendance.

2) Stamina is a Choice. Make a decision right now to stay disciplined and comfortable with being uncomfortable until your count is completed.

3) Everyday discover where Your Greatest Developments and Strength are within each workout and Scale to New Heights with Your Stamina and Strength.

4) Everyday should show evidence of a sharp increase in physical quality. Believe in Yourself and Watch YOU Scale to New Heights.

Here is a sample of one of our workouts that we will be doing during our theme.

Your Peak Performance Blaster: R1 light 30x, R2- med bell 20x, R3- Heavy bell 10x Single Bell Man-Makers*** (grab a medium weight, and pass the bell from right to left during the floor portion, perform a goblet thruster on the upward movement portion) John Travolta's- R/L (side plank position & rotate torso so that arm/ hand shoots through the lower arm pit, ensure torso is twisting, switch arms every round, mod foot position if needed) Around the Back KB Swings- R/L (making sure to keep both sides even)

***NOTE: The dude in the video has absolutely horrible technique and does not know how to breathe while doing this so please use the technique I have taught you for Renegade Rowing, Cleaning, & Squat Thrusting, etc.

Finisher: R3, S30/S10 25x Jungle Gym Push Up then Abdominal Crunch = One count 50x Sledge Hammer- R/L (keep both sides even) 25x Jungle Gym Inverted V-ups

Here We GO! Let’s attain our Peak Performance NOW!

Unleash Your Inner Superhero

Unleash Your Inner SuperheroOur current Synergy Kettlebell workout theme is: “Unleash Your Inner Superhero”. Deep within us lies a plethora of strength. Sometimes fear blocks it, but our strength is still there.

We have more strength inside us than we ever will outside us. Digging deep past our superficial fears to the substance which keeping us pushing forward no matter what is ahead is the driving motivational force that will make us conquer anything.

Accept that fear is present, but never accept any limits it may put upon us BECAUSE our inner-strength is greater than any obstacle before us!

Let's face fears head on KNOWING one of life’s obstacles or even a workout is a challenge and WHEN we conquer, overcome it, we become stronger not only physically, BUT moreover mentally.



Here is one of our first Kettlebell workouts on the theme:

Your Inner-Superman Core Dominator:  15 sec work/ 15 sec active rest for 5 min.

Superman Crunches (demo at 3:27, pay very close attention to knee positioning being no closer or higher than the waist, keep arms straight with elbows locked up toward the ceiling the whole time, do not bend the arms at all, focus on raising only shoulder blades off the floor, and lastly do not rock to perform the movement as this creates momentum, keep stable with control while moving up and down)

Superman Pushups  (mod to performing a Double Arm Superman Pulse Up & then a pushup immediately after each pulse up)

Superman Burpees*

*SUPERMAN BURPEE INSTRUCTION: Perform a burpee and lower chest & legs down completely to the floor using the pushup, extend arms/hands straight in front of you, legs are flat on the ground & together, then simultaneously raise both arms & legs up off the floor, then back down. After that immediately get back into the pushup position and explode up from the floor to finish as any other burpee with a jump in the air. Repeat as fast as possible.


Rest 2-3 min.


Your Clark Kent  Kryptonite Blaster:

25-20-15-10-5 Snatches each side

25-20-15-10-5 V-ups

5-4-3-2-1 Turkish Get Up each side

Ex. 25 Snatches right and left, then 25 V-Situps, then 5 TGUs each arm, Then 20 Snatches right and left,  20 V-Situps, 4 TGUs each arm , and so on...


OPTIONAL Lex Luthor Finisher: 15 sec work/ 15 sec rest for 5 min.

Double Outside Swings to chest level



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