Food Addict

Lisa Garon  

I woke up on Mother's Day, feeling, well... kinda crappy.  Oh I was happy enough with the day, but I just felt ... YUCK!!!  I had a thought cross my mind I really should talk with Bob...I need some help...

About what you ask? About my out-of-control eating.

Yes, I am an addict. I am addicted to food. And now I am bringing my honesty to you.

I am the on-the-go stuffer. There are all kinds of us out there. There are the late-night scroungers, the eaters of what-my-kids-eat, the stressed-and-zapped snackers, and the fancy-and-delish foodies.

This is not an easy admission... you see, I'm the expert, right? I help others and hold their hand through the rough moments and days. I have studied just about every diet that has come about. I have detoxed. I have supplemented. I have lost pounds... over and over and over again.

But... it's ok to have chocolate cake once in awhile, right? Or the deep dish pizza? And, if I skip my salad a day or two or five... I'll be ok, right?


So, when I talked with Bob, I asked him, not only for his accountability, but also for his support as I gain control on this part of my journey. Now I come to you, asking for your accountability and support. Do you find yourself in the same spot...? Do you need support too? Let our community know below or email me directly.

Girya Runner ~Lisa Garon

The Secret To Everlasting Fat Loss

The key to weight loss, fat loss, and getting the body of your dreams revolves around 2 main things- one is obvious and the other can sometimes be a bit sneaky. I'll share the secret to all that in my video. Get ready tho....


That's it. That's the secret and it's all up to you to decide what you will do. No one else can make that choice. You've gotta move and you've gotta eat clean. Don't want to? Okay... but your body will resemble your habits- whatever they are. If you want to be healthy you've got to practice the steps of what being healthy really means.

There are ways to do things and NOT to do things. Always have a plan and know your purpose. Without a plan you'll arrive somewhere else and often times spin your wheels in the process.  When you have a plan, and a good proven plan by a mentor who can help you, you'll always arrive.  Do that and things WILL go your way.

Roller Coaster Comfort Zones & Blatant Honesty

Over the past few weeks I've been talking with my clients, my family, and especially myself about getting too comfortable in our own lives and actions. When this happens we can fill a rut with ourselves and the almost impossible task to move forward becomes so challenging because we fill our lives with said comfort. I just wanted to say something real quick about comfort. It is habit for us to live in our zones of comfort and it can be next to impossible to escape them. We do the same workouts, eat the same crappy foods, listen to the same boring music, and wake up every morning knowing our days are gonna be filled with the same overall scenes. Because we're humans we enjoy repetition and we enjoy knowing what our next move will be. When we can predict our outcome since we do the same things over and over and over again it becomes our routine.

Based on my own personal study and research, alongside countless others such as Ori Hofmekler, Mark Sisson, Brad Pilon, and Michael Pollan to name a few, I have found what, when, and how I recommend to be the best for overall optimal health, well-being, energy, ongoing detoxing in a world with constant toxins, fat loss, lean maintenance, allergy reduction, anti-estrogenic effect, increased libido, better sleep, and the list goes on. If you follow everything precisely as recommended results happen. BUT leaving comfort zones is the biggest struggle to overcome.

Keep one thing in mind, no one successful has ever gotten that way by remaining comfortable. In order to grow, find success, achieve results, and become who we want we must become uncomfortable. Yes fear is always present, but the rewards are far greater than the sacrifices made.  I'll be brutally honest for  a moment, cause you all know me to not hide behind anything, LOL... I've been doing this long enough to know when a client is not following as they should nutritionally in their daily eating habits. When they do, they experience results. When they don't, they blame me and my program or not working as expected. This couldn't be further from the truth, but happens all the time. Why do you think people jump around from gym to gym, fitness program to fitness program, diet to diet? Sure there's A LOT of crap out there, but I know mine is one of the best. That is my ultimate goal for you to experience. Ok so without anyone thinking I'm being elitest or vain here in that my program is the be all to end all please understand that I don't think that one bit. What I do realize and know for a blatant fact is that my program works, has worked for hundreds of clients over the years, and my nutritional program works right alongside it. A human body is a human body and most respond well to similar needs with minor tweaks and necessary mods along the way. As long as the appropriate fitness & nutrition protocols are consistently followed, results happen. This does require a jump outside your comfort zone. Sure you can stay there and see results, but they will honestly be no where near what you can experience if you jump outside it.

In my Synergy Kettlebell Kamp and private training program I strongly encourage all my Kettlebell Klients to keep a Daily Food Diary so that they instantly are perpetuated outside their zone of comfort. I want them so uncomfortable that they have to make changes. Heck when that happens they're happy Klients aren't they? They come to me to experience change and if I allow them to follow right down the same path they were in before joining my Total Fat Blasting & Get Stronger program then they will simply stay as they were. That's NOT the plan.

Our 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program will accomplish 3 main things. 1. Make you aware of what you are consuming. This is extremely important. Food is used for 2 main things: Fat or Fuel. 2. Make you accountable to your program as a lifestyle rather than an up and down diet. 3. Make you leave your comfort zone and experience your real results.

Stay in your rut and be comfortable. Leave your zone and feel the pain of a little physical discomfort, but never again feel the mental discomfort of seeing an unsatisfactory image in the mirror, feel how tight your pants are, see your belly bulge, feel your soft arms, see your energy plummet half way through the day, or feel your age set in each and every day.

Things change all the time. Wonder why? That's life. We're not supposed to get into ruts. We're supposed to challenge ourselves and be better. Sometimes you just don't know how to do that. I have some ideas. I can help and will.

Find out more here about the 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program and how you can drop at least 9lbs inside of 14 days... guaranteed.

Bob Garon's Confessions Of Blatant Heartfelt Honesty Inspired By Third Format

I'm taking a HUGE chance at expressing myself in this blog post to all of you. The chance I take is being misunderstood and/or misinterpreted. That happens quite a bit where reading is concerned if the author is not fully known to his or her audience. It is then up to the author to express themselves the best they can and know how. I did that here and hope I did it effectively, but as a human I don't do things perfectly and would like feedback. There is a comment section at the bottom of every post and if this post upsets you please write a comment because my intentions are definitely NOT that. If you are upset then that means you did not interpret me accurately. If you understand my words you will clearly see that I fully open my heart and mind to you for a brief moment becoming vulnerable. It is in that vulnerability that I truly express my thoughts.

The following was mentioned and asked of me by one of my pastors, Jeremy Jernigan, over on the Third Format Blog here: http://www.thirdformat.com/

"I love when people challenge indifference, especially in a spiritual context. So here's one to get us thinking.

'The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity.' George Bernard Shaw

Do you agree? Is indifference really worse than hate?"

I find that my struggle is the mental judgment of people. I have developed almost this sixth sense of how to read people and to do so very quickly after meeting them.

Based upon my initial feelings and ongoing continued perception of them based upon their own actions/inactions I derive a mental concept of who they are and then maintain that mental judgment. The longer I know them, they may do things that cause me to keep stacking judgments and then each time I think of them, interact with them, or simply observe them the judgments are there and so therefore my overall opinion of them may or may not be a positive one based solely on all of this- which was again their actions/inactions to begin with.

Ok so to answer the question I wanted to provide that background so you can have a bit of an insight into my people perception process. Ultimately I do not, and never will, hate anyone. What happens in my own heart is an extremely deep desire to help people become physically and mentally stronger in themselves than they already are. This causes me to have a mental attachment that, can at times be quite exhausting and which can or cannot, entirely depend on exactly who they are to me in my life, be a positive or negative experience.

Whether any of this makes sense to you I'm not sure so I will put it into more practical terms.

As most of you know, I am a fitness coach and run my own Kettlebell Boot Camp in the evenings in Gilbert, Arizona at Discovery Park. My goal is to help people get fit, stay fit and live longer, healthier lives. Well not everyone wants to do this. That is to be understood, BUT to me when I see that I think in my mind: "why not?". Why don't they want to take their health, which is sometimes the only thing they CAN control in their lives, and do whatever it takes to make it the absolute best that it can be. Now of course I understand that most folks aren't going to prioritize their bodies, health, and exercise as I would like. So grace is definitely in order. Even though I understand that it is a difficult challenge for me to see people try to get the quick fix and magic cure all to obesity, deconditioning, and any overall health conditions when in FACT these can most always be remedied by good nutrition and exercise.

Now this will not ever be accomplished by what the government wants and the content that's put into all these magazines weekly and monthly editions regarding nutrition as they see it. No, but it will definitely come through the hard work of everyone who actually WANTS to become mentally and physically stronger. It is not something that is easy to achieve for if it was more people would already be there. For me it's hard to sit back and watch people try to do EVERYTHING that is opposite of what they should be doing. They almost run from what it is that will truly give them what they both desire and need. The formula is simple and it's told to us our entire lives: proper diet that's a lifestyle and everyday activity and exercise. Of course that goes much, much deeper, but the essence is clear. The way it works is first wanting and then executing into actions.

My attachment comes when the 'want' begins and I then automatically do everything I know how to, throw my entire knowledge and self at the person, and they simply expect changes because of their want. Well it's a struggle for me to disengage myself from the emotional side of helping people connect to their dreams when the end result is within my power to partner with them to get there.

So to circle back to the qualm of being indifferent or hating as a disservice to humanity I would have to say that yes indifference is quite the quandary. When you hate at least you will know without a doubt whether you like or dislike that person. The only issue there is then why did the hate begin in the first place and can it be resolved and removed. Indifference, on the other hand, can be a much more sticky dilemma in that people will always fail themselves and fail us. We're human and if we allow those failures to affect us there lies the problem because we will then always have one. The problem lies within ourselves.