holiday workouts

Anti-Turkey Belly kettlebell workout theme

Ok we ate all the PUMPKIN PIE, cranberry sauce in the shape of a can, green bean casserole, and turkey legs. Now we’ve gotta get rid of our turkey belly & this week we’re gonna do it!!! 

We're starting a brand new workout theme at Synergy Kettlebell Training called "Anti-Turkey Belly".  I designed it specifically to not only reset whatever we ate over the past week's holiday, but also to give us a great boost forward in preparation for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. Get ready with 6 all brand new holiday workouts in this week's lineup!!

Our Anti-Turkey Belly mantra will be: "Exercise is 1 step forward, BUT a poor diet is 2 steps back. You cannot compete with what you eat."

Get ready cause it's going to be a VERY productive week of results in Kettlebell intensity!!