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Linn Garon, Synergy Success Story


Linn has had 4 babies in the past 7 years, but that doesn’t stop her!!

Over the years Linn has loved her kettlebell workouts as she comes to keep her body healthy before, during, and most definitely post pregnancy. She works hard in every class and even during her last pregnancy, at 8 months was conditioning just as strong. We monitor to ensure she is safely performing all exercise movements conducive to each trimester stage and make sure she listens to her body as well if it's telling her to slow down. Linn realizes the importance of a healthy body translates over to a healthy pregnancy and a more stable mindset throughout the term.

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Reaching For The Red Pill

Everyone wants to give a minimum effort to achieve maximum results. How does that work? No really... Please tell me how that works. I always thought that if I want to achieve something great I have to put forth a great effort. Am I missing something?

It's difficult for me to understand the logic in cutting corners and expecting the same results as if all lines remained straight to the goal. Usually when shortcuts are taken full experiences as well as optimality is something of a miss. What I'm seeing these days is more and more people expecting results for efforts they have not put in. I'll be relating more about efforts to being healthy and fit here.

Personally I really look forward to "ME" time. When I workout it's all about me. I'm there for my body and no one else's. I don't have to think about anything else except what's best for me at that moment. Does that sound selfish? Well sure it does, but honestly it's not. When I keep fit I prolong my life and my well-being. So that prolongs and ensure healthy relationships with my loved ones alongside feeling great about myself at the same time. For me it's more about how much I improve in each workout, from day to day, and watching my incremental improvements than it is actually reaching the big picture goals. Why sure that's the culmination of everything worked for, but ultimately the journey is just as great as the destination.

Maybe it's just that people have higher expectations for themselves or their fitness program than that of what's actually realistic. So instead of creating SMART goals they continue to believe their unrealistic ones and grow frustrated with themselves. Better yet they blame the entire situation or other people for their own distracted and unmotivated behavior. It's always someone else's fault. It can't be theirs. That just doesn't happen. If you're not seeing results in your exercise program or with your fitness coach chances are it's not the fault of the program or coach. Give me someone willing to work and follow a nutritional plan and I'll show you someone who achieves GREAT results.

You might feel tired from long work days, feel sick one day, not sleep well the night before, feel sore from prior workouts, have a family or office party, kid's commitments, but despite that and anything else that might possess an excuse builder you need to continue on if you are going to create habits that produce desired results. You only have one body. You either will pay now in good clean food and time practicing fitness or you will pay later with a lack of quality of life in hospital bills, disappointed loved ones because you can't move well enough to play with them, uncomfortable health adversities, or even experience an early death due to choices you are making right now. Will you be destroyed by all your decisions? Only one can change your life. You decide.

Instead of miracle and magic red or blue pills, what people need to do is simply stop making excuses and reasons for their processed food eating habits and eat clean, teach their children to do the exact same, and make exercise a LIFELONG habit at least 3 times a week. That's the answer. Eat clean & move... doesn't get more simpler than that. There are no 'other' ways. There isn't a corner you can cut that will bring you closer to your goals without taking you further away somewhere else. When exercising "more" is NOT necessarily better by any means. WHAT you do, and how consistently you're doing it even if you don't want to one day or feel a little lousy, is of the utmost. That's how mental and physical results come.

The system of Consistent Hard Work over Time = Results. PERIOD.

Ongoing Team Work For Survival

Please allow me to sit down and just chat with you about a couple of my thoughts regarding the recent tough times. It can be hard to get up every day and remain focused with hopes and promises.  Sometimes it's just a struggle to hope that your hopes are not empty.  In all circumstances there are always ways to remain positive- no matter what may come.

In my life I have strived to be proactive in any situation I encounter rather than reactive; however I can do that as well if need be.  Over the past 11+ years as a professional trainer, fitness coach, and multi-level supervisor, I have been given a gift in the opportunity to learn how to motivate and encourage many different personality types.  This has certainly strengthened me and has been both fun and rewarding for my clients, employees as well as exciting and a blessing to myself.   In reality it is the personalities which I encounter on a daily basis that have really inspired me and keep me motivated.  It’s about team-work.  When a ship goes underway each crew-member must do their part in order to safely reach the destination.  There are certain systems and standards set in place by the captain which are vital ways of doing things in order to fulfill the requirements of their job.  They must embark on the journey together or will never last a day.

The same holds true for any entity be a corporation, school, training team, church, sports team and family or community.  Any team is only as strong as each of its members who directly represent the product being delivered, sold or service offered be it cars, clothing, food, toys, hairstyling, electronics, or health club services.  If people do not believe in what they are doing- no matter if they are doing, delivering, or selling even if it is simply filing paperwork- the team will not do well.

It has been one of my main missions that whenever I manage a team to keep them focused on what they are doing is more than great and extraordinary relative to the job or duty they must perform.  If they believe in their hearts that what they are doing will positively impact others, and leave a lasting impression, attitudes are very different in the work environment.  We must do what we do for fun.  If it isn’t fun we lose interest.  That mindset is something that cannot be given an individual even if they earned a degree which many degrees these days are little more than a piece of paper that symbolizes years of busy work and wasted readings.

A degree does not symbolize anything, but smarts.  Smarts is knowing facts, experiences and knowledge.  The world NEEDS wisdom.  Wisdom is doing something useful with what you know.  It's not what you KNOW- it's what you DO that matters.  We must continually work together as a team to decide each day to be positive in all that we do.  No matter how empty a cup may be there is always a way to stay positive.  At least we still have the cup.

Dealing With Myofacial Pain

A lot of folks have pain in their knees and/or hips and they immediately believe it to be a joint issue.  While certainly a possiblity, in my experience most "knee pain", "hip pain", lower back pain, and even shoulder pain can be resolved by releasing the myofacia.  What in the world is myofacia, and how will releasing it help me, do you ask?  The myofacia is the protective sheathing that the muscles are in which connect it to organs and bones. 

One of the most common pain areas is in the knees; however much of the pain is actually rooted to the Illiotibial Band or IT Band.  The IT Band is located in the hip and stretches down to the knee joint.  It is a muscle that you can feel on the side of your leg.  Most likely you have tight spots there and a major source of your inflammation which then transfers into your knee, hip, or both.  One of its purposes of the IT Band is to keep your body laterally stable.  There are numerous causes to how injuries, tightness, inflammation, and trigger points can begin in this area, but ultimately what matters is the resolution. 

No matter if your IT Band has the problem or your upper back, or wherever you can apply the principles of this article.  When your body is inflammed, whether it be chronic or acute, your immune system is not at its strongest and so therefore neither are you. Just because you don't have symptoms does not mean you are well. Always focus on the balance of your body and you will be working on staying well. Staying well is an ongoing practice.

1. Foam rolling works very, very well. I do this daily. You can also grab a golf ball and toss it in a sock and get those trigger points just like a massage therapist's elbow. Instead of simply rolling you need to find the heart of the heart of the heart of the center of the pain. Then apply pressure and hang out there for about 15-20 seconds. Focus on relaxing all the relative muscles and breating. Your breathing will get you through all pain.

2. Pineapple by day and ginger by night will decrease inflammation.  Pineapple has an enzyme in it called Bromelian and it works very well to decrease inflammation as well as breaking down protein.  I suggest eating fresh pineapple during the day due to the sugars within the fruit.  Ginger at night(or any time) will have almost no impact on spiking your insulin and it will do the same job.

3. Schedule a deep tissue massage for further and regular work.

4. Soak in an Epsom Salt bath and then use the foam roller and golf ball.

5. If you put your body through a cleanse and then eat organic you will definitely notice great improvements.

6.  The most important one, and I am writing this last so you remember it, is drink LOTS AND LOTS of water.  I cannot stress that enough.  If you desire to remove toxins and drive out inflammation from your body it will not happen without water.   A gallon of water a day, minimum, is what I recommend.

By applying these tips you will decrease pain, increase your range of motion, and bring your body closer to a state a balance.

2 New PRs!!

Today was a big day for me. I set 2 Personal Records (or PRs).

My goal is to work with the 32kg for the Long Cycle Master of Sport. So that being said I want to get a feel for it as much as possible so my body adjusts to its feel and weight load underneath it. Since tomorrow is my Rest Day today I decided to practice with the 32kg.

PR Numero Uno:
6 Min. OALC @ 32kg and 5rpm
This was definitely an adventure, but I got through it. I think if I really wanted to have fun I could have gone for 6rpm, but that would have been a very different mental conversation. Just a very short time ago, about 6- 8 weeks, I could barely barely barely do 5 or 6 reps with the 32kg period and that was Jerking it- let alone Cleaning AND Jerking it.

PR Numero Dos:
6 Min. OAJ @ 32kg and 6rpm
This went better than I expected and next time I can definitely get more driven out.

100x JS @ 45#
20 Min. Run

Once I fully immerse myself into working with 2 bells it is a whole other animal underneath a complete pair of 32's. For now I'll keep busting out One Arm action. Steady work and progress is what leads to success.

Continuing Nothin Fancy- Always Working Hard!

That's what my kettlebell practice entails.

Workout 120108:

8 Min. OALC @ 24kg and 5rpm
4 Min. OALC @ 24kg and 12rpm
4 Min. OALC @ 24kg and 12rpm
4 Min. OAJ @ 24kg and 12rpm

100x JS @ 45#
15 Min. Run @ 1% incline and 6.5mph w/ the last 2.5 min. @ 7mph

Workout 120208:

3 Min. LC @ 2x 20kg and 5rpm
The doubles still make me very nervous on my lower spine. I can feel it getting stronger, but just prefer not to injure it since I am progressing so well. Last time I injured it I feeling great for quite a while and then suddenly POP it went again. That set me out for about a month. I was only able to do cardio and small bodyweight things. I don't want to be there again and have a set back anymore so I baby it- to an extent. Trust me I don't go easy, but I am fully aware of my spine condition at all times. If something doesn't feel right in it I immediately slow down or stop if need be. There is a fine line between pushing through and pushing beyond where I shouldn't go. One time of doing that could be a long time of recovery.

So with all that said I will be throwing in the double bells whenever I feel I can and should. For the most part over the next few months I will be sticking to singles for a couple main reasons. First is to get comfortable in my rack position with the flexibility and right positioning. Next is so that I build up my strength in all aspects, but the back mostly. I need to condition that so that it can endure two bells whenever I fully migrate to training with them on a regular basis. Singles are very good though and always pose their own challenge even without adding a twin to the mix.

4 Min. OALC @ 16kg and 14rpm
This was a mistake as the 16kg is almost too light for me now. I actually have to really think about maintaining perfect form. The heavier bells pretty much fall into place, but the lighter ones need to be put there. I just wanted to go lighter and faster today as almost a recovery set without expending too much energy.

4 Min. Rack Holds @ 20kg
I did this so that I work on getting more comfortable in the rack. One can never be too comfy there. After all that's the only "rest" we get during a set. Surviving the set is what it's all about and the rack is the epitome of that. Practice is essential.

6 Min. OAJ @ 20kg and 12rpm

30 Min. Run

And that’s a wrap!

Nothin Fancy- Just Hard Work

That was the theme of today's workout as I put on the rest of T-2, hook gripped my Pro-Grades, and began Long Cycle till I bled.  Well kinda.  My shoulders look like they've been through a war since I started using heavier bells.  I let those babies just slam down into them so that I conserve energy and move more efficiently.  That's what I was taught at the AKC cert so that is what I have been practicing.  Thankfully there isn't any pain or discomfort there whatsoever.  No, the pain and discomfort is reserved for all the rest of my body as I keep it moving with these bells in every which way.  The gravity issue from yesterday was definitely much improved today so I worked hard and stuck to the basics.

10 Min. OALC @ 24kg and 8rpm
4 Min. Double Cleans @ 2x20kg and 8rpm
4 Min. OAJ @ 20kg and 12rpm

3x50 JS @ 45#
Guerrilla Sprints
1. Warm-up was 6.3mph and 1% incline
2. Intervals were 10mph and 3% incline
3. Cool-down was 7mph and 2% incline