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Three Must Eat Breakfast Foods


When researchers looked at the eating patterns, habits, and trends of thin people they noticed they don’t eat at breakfast, lunch, and dinner as a time of day to eat. Meaning, they don’t eat at breakfast right when they get up because it’s morning and that means it’s “breakfast-time”.  Instead what they found is most all thin people eat when they feel hungry, and it doesn’t matter the time of day it is. They eat instinctively. 



The also found thin people tend not to munch or graze all day long. They eat, on average, twice a day. One meal is a late morning or early afternoon while the second meal is in the evening. They eat until they are feeling satisfied and then stop. When we eat the right types of foods we don’t have to worry about overeating. Our bodies will know when to stop, and because we are eating the right foods, gaining weight is not a concern.


Here’s 3 Must Eat Morning Foods

Do you love your breakfast?  

Do you have a short list of “go-to” foods?  

Do you need a bit of inspiration to start eating clean again?


It’s easy to do if you know what to grab!  


Don’t stress about it and don’t over-complicate.


Breakfast Food #1: Fruits

Yes, fruits are the “quintessential” breakfast food.  And for good reason!


Fruits are mostly phytonutrients and fiber, but they also have bioavailable protein which make them a real nutritional powerhouses.  The darker they are means they contain essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and some even have healthy fats.


Fruit, because of the amount of fiber in it, has been shown to help you feel full, keep you feeling fuller longer, and help to stabilize blood sugar and insulin.


Eating the whole fruit, rather than blending or juicing, means the fiber binds with the sugars and slows the rate of sugar absorption.


Not to mention how easy it is to just have a “grab and go” breakfast when you're running short on time.


Breakfast Food #2: Nuts and/or Seeds

Nuts and seeds contain protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  Nuts and/or seeds would make a great contribution to breakfast.


You won't be fooled by “candied” nuts, sweetened nut/seed butters, or chia “cereals” with added sugars – you know I'm talking about the real, whole, unsweetened food here.


Nuts and seeds are also the ultimate fast food if you're running late in the mornings.  Grab a small handful of almonds, walnuts, or pumpkin seeds as you're running out the door; you can nosh on them while you're commuting.


Not to mention how easy it is to add a spoonful of nut/seed butter into your morning breakfast smoothie.


Hint: If you like a creamy latte in the mornings try making one with nut or seed butter.  Just add your regular hot tea and a tablespoon or two of a creamy nut or seed butter into your blender & blend until frothy.  


Breakfast Food #3: Veggies

Yes, you can have your veggies for breakfast too!


Veggies are powerhouses of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, fiber, and water.  You can't go wrong adding them into every single meal of the day so if you don't already you should definitely try them for breakfast!  


And no, you don't need to have a salad or roasted veggies for breakfast if you don't want to but you totally can!  You wouldn't be breaking any “official” breakfast rules or anything like that.


Sauteing or heating some protein to leftover veggies is a great combination for any meal, even for breakfast.



You can also make a smoothie with all 3 best breakfast foods. I've included 3 Amazing Smoothie recipes for you below.

These 3 smoothies are super charged and packed with flavor and nutrients to make your day better than ever! Give all 3 a shot!

1) 1 cup of Spinach, 1 Banana, 1 Pear, 1 Mango, 2 cups water

2) 1 cup frozen Strawberries, 1 Banana, 1 Mango, 2 cups water, 2 leaves Rainbow Chard

3) 1 large handful of Spinach, 1 Banana, 1 cup frozen Strawberries, 1 Peach, 1 Orange, small piece of Ginger, 2 cups water



Everything You Think You Know About Healthy Eating is Wrong


Everything You Think You Know About Healthy Eating is Wrong and it's Making You Fat and Tired...

Oh my gosh – nutrition and diet info is everywhere! So overwhelming!

And each expert and association tries to lead you in their direction because they know best and their advice is going to help you. Right?

Well, maybe…

Everyone has heard (and maybe lived through) the intense focus on how much you eat. This has gotten way too much attention because while this does affect your weight and energy level, it's certainly not the “holy grail” of health.

Let's focus a bit more on the often overlooked (and proven) benefits of what you eat and drink and how you eat and drink it.


What You Eat and Drink

The “calories in, calories out” philosophy (i.e. how much you eat) is being drowned out with research on other factors that may be just as important. Don't get me wrong limiting calories, carbs or fat can certainly help you lose weight but that's simply not the only factor for long-term weight loss and maximum energy for everyone.

When the intense focus on how much we ate didn't work in the long-run it wasn’t really a surprise. We kinda knew that already, didn't we?

You can certainly still continue to count your calories, carbs, and fat but don't forget to also pay attention to what you eat.

Ideally, you need a varied diet full of minimally-processed foods (i.e. fewer “packaged” “ready-to-eat” foods). This simple concept is paramount for weight loss, energy, and overall health and wellness.


Every Day This Is What You Should Aim For:

A colorful array of fruits and veggies at almost every meal and snack. You need the fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Enough protein. Making sure you get all of those essential amino acids (bonus: eating protein can increase your metabolism). Healthy fats and oils (never “hydrogenated” ones). There is a reason some fatty acids are called “essential” - you need them as building blocks for your hormones and brain as well as to be able to absorb essential fat-soluble vitamins from your uber-healthy salads. Use extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, eat your organic egg yolks, and get grass-fed meats when possible. You don't need to overdo it here. Just make sure you're getting some high-quality fats.


How You Eat and Drink

Also pay attention to how you eat and drink.

Studies are definitely showing that this has more of an impact than we previously thought.

Are you rushed, not properly chewing your food, and possibly suffering from gastrointestinal issues? Do you drink your food?

When it comes to how you eat let's first look at “mindful eating”.

Mindful eating means to take smaller bites, eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and savor every bite. Notice and appreciate the smell, taste and texture. Breathe.

This gives your digestive system the hint to prepare for digestion and to secrete necessary enzymes.

This can also help with weight loss because eating slower often means eating less. Did you know that it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to know that your stomach is full?

Thought so!


We also know that more thoroughly chewed food is easier to digest and it makes it easier to absorb all of those essential nutrients.

And don't forget about drinking your food.

Yes, smoothies can be healthy and a fabulously easy and tasty way to get in some fruits and veggies (hello leafy greens!) but drinking too much food can contribute to a weight problem and feelings of sluggishness.

Don't get me wrong a green smoothie can make an amazingly nutrient-dense meal and is way better than stopping for convenient junk food – just consider a large smoothie to be a full meal not a snack. And don't gulp it down too fast. Enjoy it!

If your smoothies don't fill you up like a full meal does try adding in a spoon of fiber like ground flax or chia seeds.



Consider not only how much you eat, BUT also what and how you eat it.


Recipe (Smoothie meal): Chia Peach Green Smoothie

Serves 1

handful spinach 1 tablespoon chia seeds 1 banana 1 chopped peach or mix of frozen berries 1 cup unsweetened almond or coconut milk

Add ingredients to blender in order listed (you want your greens on the bottom by the blade so they blend better and have the chia on the bottom to absorb some liquid before you blend).

Wait a couple of minutes for the chia seeds to start soaking up the almond milk.

Blend, Serve and Enjoy!

TIP: Smoothies are the ultimate recipe for substitutions. Try swapping different greens, fruit, or seeds to match your preference.

BONUS: Chia seeds not only have fiber and essential omega-3 fatty acids but they contain all of the essential amino acids from protein. They are definitely a SUPER food!



Three Ways to Avoid Overeating at Meals

Sometimes those holiday feasts are just amazing, but it’s not just the holidays that get us.

We always have an abundance of delicious food around us and likely also people we want to hang with too!

It is way too easy (and common) to indulge on certain days like the weekends, birthdays, or parties.

But it doesn't always stop there.

Sometimes we overeat on regular days. Or at regular meals. Or All. The. Time.

Here are three tips to avoid overeating at meals.

(Psst, turn these into habits and ditch the willpower!)


Tip #1: Start With Some Water

When your stomach is growling and you smell amazingly delicious food it's too easy to fill a plate (or grab some samples with your bare hands) and dive into the food.

But did you know that it's possible to sometimes confuse the feeling of thirst with that of hunger? Your stomach may actually be craving a big glass of water rather than a feast.

Some studies have shown that drinking a glass or two of water before a meal can help reduce the amount of food eaten. And this super-simple tip may even help with weight loss (...just sayin').

Not only will the water start to fill up your stomach before you get to the buffet, leaving less room for the feast but drinking enough water has been shown to slightly increase your metabolism.



Tip #2: Try Eating “Mindfully”

You've heard of mindfulness but have you applied that to your eating habits?

This can totally help you avoid overeating as well as having the added bonus of helping your digestion.

Just as being mindful when you meditate helps to focus your attention on your breathing and the present moment being mindful when you eat helps to focus your attention on your meal.

Do this by taking smaller bites, eating more slowly, chewing more thoroughly, and savoring every mouthful. Notice and appreciate the smell, taste and texture. Breathe.

This can help prevent overeating because eating slower often means eating less.

When you eat quickly you can easily overeat because it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to know that your stomach is full.

So take your time, pay attention to your food and enjoy every bite.

Bonus points: Eat at a table (not in front of the screen), off of a small plate, and put your fork down between bites.


Tip #3: Start With a Salad or Green Smoothie


You may be yearning for that rich, creamy main dish.

But don't start there.

(Don't worry, you can have some...just after you've eaten your salad or drank your green smoothie).

Veggies are a great way to start any meal because they're full of not only vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and health-promoting phyto-chemicals but they also have some secret satiety weapons: fiber and water.

Fiber and water are known to help fill you up and make you feel fuller. They're “satiating”.

And these secret weapons are great to have on your side when you're about to indulge in a large meal.



Have your glass of water, eat mindfully, and start with your salad to help avoid overeating at meals.

Recipe (Water): Tasty (and beautiful) Pre-Meal Water Ideas

If you're not much of a plain water drinker or need your water to be more appealing to your senses here are five delicious (and beautiful looking) fruit combos to add to your large glass of water: Slices of lemon & ginger Slices of strawberries & orange Slices of apple & a cinnamon stick Chopped pineapple & mango Blueberries & raspberries

Tip: You can buy a bag (or several bags) of frozen chopped fruit and throw those into your cup, thermos, or uber-cool mason jar in the morning. They're already washed and cut and will help keep your water colder longer.



3 Things That Make or Break My Workouts

Bob Garon OCR Training 2There are 3 things that I most always do and when I do I feel the benefits from them in my workout performance and recovery. If I alter even one of these 3 I almost immediately begin to feel the effects of that variable change.

2014-05-19 11.54.33 1) The first is after every single workout I always have a green smoothie. Green smoothies are essentially a dark leafy green with 1-3 fruits on top of that. The fruit masks the flavor of the dark leafy green and you receive all the nutritional benefits from the greens and fruit to begin working in your body to increase recovery. Just by that green smoothie inflammation is reduced in the body, energy climbs, hormones balance (cortisol & estrogen lower, testosterone spikes), and muscle heals.

One of my favorite recipes is simple and so nutritiously good! Big handful of spinach or kale Cup of blueberries 2-3 ripe bananas 1-2 apricots Blend and enjoy!

My friend Sergei Boutenko recently conducted a study on the effects green smoothies have on our bodies, mainly on athlete bodies. He studied runners and Crossfit athletes. What he found in the results of his 6 week study were pretty amazing. All the athletes did was add in one green smoothie every day into their diet. In fact, he didn't want them to alter anything else so they can clearly study the results from the introduction of the green smoothie. Check out his documentary called: Powered By Green Smoothies.

wpid-wp-1400705674759.jpeg 2) The second thing I do is always ensure I very thoroughly warmup and cool down. Without scheduling and spending the time to warmup and cool down I feel my body take longer to get into the workout and perform at the level I intend for it. Often times, during my strength training workouts, I spend more time warming up and cooling down than I do with my exercises for the workout. That's how important this part is. I also have been injured in the past, actually not too long ago and I posted about it too, and so I know how important it is for me to ensure I not only do this, but lead my Kettlebell and running students to do the same.

Here is the exact warmup and cooldown mobility drills and stretches that I practice before and after every single workout. I call them "Synergy Dynamics".

2014-03-11 17.31.153) The third thing is every day I make sure I get the right amount of sleep. This is probably THE MOST important one of the three. This can sometimes be a challenge as I get wrapped up in work or watching a Netflix tv show marathon, but sleep is rivaling its importance with good nutrition. Often times I feel the sleep I get is even more important than the food I put into my body. I eat for performance, for overall health & longevity, and also for recovery from workouts. No matter how I eat, if I don't get enough sleep my body will never fully heal itself and because of that, my performance and health will then suffer.

During sleep our tissues repair themselves and hormones balance. In studies, it is found that when we don't get enough sleep our stress hormones are spiked and this also jeopardizes our immunity on top of that. One way to help us get our 7-8 hours of sleep a night is to turn off or dim the lights around us. This includes our TVs, computers, phones, tablets, etc. The ambient light stimulates our brains to want to stay awake by not producing the melatonin hormone which helps us initiate our Circadian Rhythm.

I hope these 3 things help you and by practicing them every day I know you will experience increased health, strength, body leanness (aka fat loss), and longevity. Overall you will be happier with yourself and how your body works. Well either do the above 3 for that to happen or we could just add my favorite bonus #4 which is to eat dark chocolate. That alone can accomplish everything!

Best Post Workout Smoothie For Recovery & Muscle Building

It's always important to have a post workout recovery smoothie or meal, which is a smoothie or meal right after your workout, so that your body can have all the vital nutrients it craves shuttled into our cells right away. Timing is also important for this smoothie or recovery meal. Try to have your smoothie about 30-45 minutes after you've finished your workout for best results. Here's a video I recorded with the smoothie I had today after my workout. It was VERY good and jam packed with antioxidants, protein, healthy fats, and fiber.

Nutrition Propaganda Is Everywhere on Facebook

I just came across a post on Facebook that a fitness pro put up regarding how to lose fat that REALLY bothered me because this person was passing along some inaccurate information to their audience. Most of the post was right on, but then something was said that was way wrong. In fact, what this fit pro said was just much of the same fitness/nutrition industry propaganda that has been spewing out of the mouths of "fit pros" for years. Most fit pros actually don't do much research into nutrition at all and simply continue to pass along regurgitated info to their clients and of course on Facebook. In my opinion that is quite unprofessional of them to continue this pattern because not only are they spreading false information, but the public is believing them solely because these people have positioned themselves as fitness professionals and experts in the industry. They should know right... because they're "experts" right? Unfortunately this is not the case and it is taking the unsuspecting public for a ride that ultimately confuses them. Okay so you're probably wondering what the Facebook post said that I saw... The fit pro said: "...we need to eat every 3 hours to get lean because when we are not eating we store fat and don't starve yourself because that will never work to get you skinny."

That is utterly false! I've known several people who have starved themselves skinny, but of course that is not healthy. LOL Additionally you do NOT store fat because you're not eating. It's the other way around... You store fat because you eat excess sugar, carbohydrates, and proteins. When your insulin spikes because of increased blood sugar levels that's when you will be storing fat. That is due to eating in excess and having more glucose in the blood stream than is needed. When you're not eating, your digestive system has a chance to rest and insulin is not spiked so you are not storing fat.

We store fat, release fat, have energy, heal our bodies from within, increase muscle, lose muscle, have a good mood, have a bad mood, etc all due to hormones and most people do not realize that. If you want to get lean and lose fat you must get your hormones to become balanced so that they work for you rather than against you. How you do this is directly tied to what you eat, when you eat it, and how much you eat when you do eat.

I recommend no more than 2 meals a day, spaced about 6-8 hours apart so that your hormones are better balanced and your digestive system is functioning efficiently.  In fact, a common factor of most centenarians (people who live to be 100 yrs and beyond) is, alongside a constant positive attitude and never worrying about rushing anywhere or if they will arrive late, is that they only eat once or twice a day. There is significant research (Dr. Joel Fuhrman & others) showing that fasting is not only healthy for the body, but also increases systemic healing and longevity as well since the body is not constantly under a state of digestion all day long.

I don't normally talk about my own eating habits because most people just don't understand them, but I will briefly mention them now. What I personally do, and have been practicing for about 6 years now, is a daily intermediate fast until around 5pm, but I focus on being very well hydrated during that time. I always begin my meal with a big green smoothie and then wait about 30-40 minutes after I drink it before having anything else so that the enzymes can work more effectively.

Eating processed foods, grains, dairy, and meats in excess are foods which stress the digestive system and cause an acidic environment within the body. In that acidic environment our body is inflamed and is much more susceptible to getting sick. Eating foods such as raw/soaked nuts, seeds, fruits, dark green leafy veggies, sprouts, and any other veggie as well as wild caught fish or pasture raised animals if you are going to eat meat. If you are going to eat meat just keep the amounts to only a few ounces at most and don't consume it every day. Eat like this and you will keep your body in an alkaline state which will promote good digestion and health for you.

Our Secret Holiday Hot Cocoa & Energy Boosting Smoothie

I want to share a couple REALLY good and healthy drinks for you to enjoy during your winter. We definitely enjoy them over at the Garon house so I decided not to keep them a secret anymore. LOL One is a healthy hot cocoa recipe that will warm your tummies on these cold winter nights. The other is an amazing power smoothie for crazy energy during your busy work days. Try em out and let me know what you think. Creamy Hot Macadamia Cocoa 6 soaked macadamia nuts 1 tbsp coconut cream (also called coconut butter - different from just the oil) 1 tbsp raw cacao powder (get at Fruitful Yield or Whole Foods) Stevia (healthy sweetner 400x more sweet than sugar) to taste 1 to 1/2 cups water (depending on how creamy you like it)

DIRECTIONS: Put all ingredients in blender and blend on high. If you have a high powered blender, you can simply blend longer to warm slightly. If your blender is weaker, this will burn out the motor. To warm, place in a saucepan on the stove on very low and heat slowly to body temperature. Do not heat above 115 degrees.

Pour in mug. Slurp. Enjoy :-) As promised... here's an amazing starter for your day or any time for a super awesome energy booster that's jam packed with nutrients galore.

Mango Mint Power Smoothie Toss in as much water as you would like depending on your desired thickness. 3 tblspns of Organic Flax Seeds 2 tblspns of Organic Chia Seeds 1/2 an orange 1/4 of a banana 1 cup of fresh pineapple or papaya 1 cup fresh mango 1 tbspn of fresh mint 1 big leaf of kale

DIRECTIONS: Blend and walaaa... ENJOY!  This is sooo gooood and sooo energizing!! :) :) :)

If you want some more really yummy and super duper healthy smoothie recipes go to the blog post I just put up over here: