Lisa Garon Is An Outlaw Kettlebell Lifter

Lisa Garon was highlighted as a top U.S. Kettlebell sportsman, sportsperson, sportswoman (not sure which is appropriate LOL). Check out the featured article Ken Whetham put up on his North American Outlaw Kettlebell Club blog and show Lisa some love & support with a nice comment: Lisa Garon Outlaw Article HERE. Lisa really inspires me with how far she's come in such a short dedicated time. Her commitment to herself and her weekly routine is how this is all possible. When I first met her she didn't even go to the gym and to think about her eating anything healthy was like asking a horse to moo. LOL

She smoked, drank and partied here and there, but one day just decided it was time to get away from that life wrecking habit and create better ones. So she dropped over 30lbs and hasn't look back since. Who would have thought this little bowling ball with a handle on it would change her, and the lives of others, so much.

Watch the video below of her 20kg (44lb) One Arm Long Cycle set at the IKFF Kettlebell Lifting Invitational 2011. VERY solid set!

Great write up honey! You're lookin more amazing every day and every day you amaze me more.

Lisa Garon Jerks The Kettlebell Pumpkins

This was Lisa's first attempt at putting up the pumpkin (28kg) kettlebell. Not too bad taking in account she's not feeling well, it was after her workout, she was in tight hip hugger jeans, I coerced her to do it LOL, and it was her first time trying the 62lber at a bodyweight of only 58kg. There was some shakiness, but with her continued practice that will definitely go away quick. Bravo skinny strong Lisa! :)

The Turkeybell Brings Kettlebell Sport To Aurora, IL

Our Synergy Turkeybell Sport Invitational was so much fun to run. I now have a whole new respect for Ken Blackburn(IKFF), Ashleigh Shooshanian(IKFF), Rebecca L. Cate(IKFF), Eric Liford(AKC), Valery Fedorenko(AKC), and everyone else who puts on regular Kettlebell Sport competitions. Thank you & BRAVO to all the competitors who got up on the platform! And thank you everyone who helped me put on the show.

For those who don't know about Kettlebell Sport competitors get up on the platform and perform their sets with a 10 minute time limit. In Kettlebell Sport there are 2 traditional events: Biathlon (Jerk & Snatch) and Long Cycle (clean & jerk). For more info & if you're in the Aurora, IL area go here: Get Skinny Strong With Kettlebell Sport Training

Here's the stats for Team Synergy... videos are coming in future posts...

Susan Lausier competed in Women's 12kg Biathlon and performed: Jerk- 81R / 79L = 160 total Snatch- 81R / 77L = 158 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 12kg bells: 29 reps _________________

Courtney Szorc competed in Women's 16kg Long Cycle and performed: 61R / 57L = 118 total _________________

Lisa Garon competed in Women's 20kg Long Cycle and performed: 33R / 28L _________________

Rocio Tena competed in Women's 12kg Long Cycle and performed: 48R / 49L = 97 total _________________

Nadia Hernandez... What a warrior-goddess she is!!! She competed with a cast on due to a busted knee cap that slid out of place just 2 days ago. Nadia competed in Women's Youth 8kg Long Cycle and performed: 63R / 53L = 116 total _________________

Alma Pilz competed in Women's 12kg Long Cycle and performed: 48R / 50L = 98 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 8kg bells: 37 reps _________________

Carol Larson competed in Women's 12kg Long Cycle and performed: 52R / 48L = 100 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 8kg bells: 32 reps _________________

Tammy Gerken competed in Women's 16kg Biathlon and performed: Jerk: 61R / 47L = 108 total Snatch: 36R / 30L = 66 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 12kg bells: 35 reps _________________

Shaheen Mohammed competed in Women's 16kg Long Cycle and performed: 50R / 42L = 92 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 12kg bells: 28 reps _________________

Darlene Davis competed in Women's 12kg Biathlon and performed: Jerk: 70R / 61L = 131 Snatch: 46R / 46L = 92 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 12kg bells: 20 reps _________________


Brayden Garon(age 6) competed in YOUNG GIREVIKS Boy's Long Cycle Clean & Jerk using two 4kg bells for 10 minutes and performed 74 reps total. This was a 20 rep increase from what he did 7 weeks ago at the IKFF Nationals.

Ava Larson(age 5) competed in YOUNG GIREVIKS Girl's Long Cycle Clean & Push Press using 5lb. bell for 10 minutes and performed 74 reps total.

Thanks again to everyone who competed, attended, and assisted me in running the Turkeybell. We're doing a very special event in January and all proceeds go to a charity. Then in June will be our Summerbell Sport Invitational and next November will be the 2nd annual Turkeybell Sport Invitational. Keep lifting your Kettlebells and I hope to see you on the platform soon. Wanna get started in Kettlebell Sport and be part of Team Synergy... let's make it happen. Call me: (630) 708-0055

30 Day Challenge: I Wanna Be A Veg Head!

30 Day Challenge


Through the month of April, in honor of the spring season, we are going to celebrate VEGETABLES!  Your challenge for the next thirty days is to eat a variety of vegetables, including trying new veggies that you have not eaten before.  Each week turn in the attached sheet (or you can e-mail it to Lisa Garon) to share what new veggies you have tried, the variety of veggies you have eaten and your favorite way to prepare them.


  • You must eat 4 different vegetables a day.
    • Example: A salad with lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers and a side of steamed broccoli.
    • You must eat a variety of 8 different vegetables for the week.
      • Example: A salad consisting of 3 vegetables, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, raw carrots and celery, and a baked yam.
      • You must eat 1 new vegetable a week (This could be a vegetable you may never have eaten or one you have not eaten in a very long time).
        • Example: Kale or Turnips
        • Tiers & Rewards...

          • Tier 1: there must be a variety of 12 vegetables for the month.
          • Tier 2: there must be a variety of 16 vegetables for the month.
          • Tier 3: there must be a variety of 20 vegetables for the month.
          • Vegetables may not be bought canned or frozen.  They must be purchased in the fresh state. Organic is best.
          • By May 1st, all your sheets must be turned in.
          • All participants will receive prizes…
            • Tier 1 participants will receive a copy of Food Rules by Michael Pollan
            • Tier 2 participants will receive a copy of Food Rules by Michael Pollan and a Kettlebell Necklace.
            • Tier 3 participants will receive a copy of Food Rules by Michael Pollan, a Kettlebell Necklace, and a Synergy Kettlebell Training T-shirt.

Below is a list of just some veggies you can choose from, but of course there's many more:

Artichoke               Eggplant                Onions

Arugula                 Endive                        Parsley

Asparagus               Fennel                        Peppers

Bok Choy               Frisee                   Radicchio

Broccoli                 Kale                    Rhubarb

Brussel Sprouts         Kohlrabi                Root Vegetables

Cabbage                 Lemon grass                  Radish

Cauliflower              Lettuce                 Spinach

Celery                  Mushrooms             Squashes

Chard                   Mustard Greens         Tomato

Collard Greens          Okra                    Tubers

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To Live Longer Fast Stronger

Consistency, consistency, consistency... I can't stress that enough.  When you sway from the very basics is when results will diminish.

A lot of folks overeat.  We know this.  Often times we don't realize when we do it.  Many folks believe they are eating healthy, but then when they are not healthy and/or can't understand why they cannot lose weight it usually roots back to two main things: timing of meals and type of foods consumed.  When I talk about intermediate fasting to my clients I am usually looked at with a weird questionable glare of disbelief.  I think it's because most trainers and nutritionists recommend eating several times throughout the day.  It's not that they recommend that over intermediate fasting, but the biggest reason has to do with their lack of education or knowledge of intermediate fasting.  So they simply recommend what they do know and are comfortable recommending.

If eating throughout the day worked and the 5-6 small meals a day protocol was the best then why oh why are there so many fat/obese people walking around living their life very unhealthily.  The reason is simple- lack of desire.  They lack the desire to work hard at living a healthy lifestyle.  Those who do are indeed healthy.  Those who don't- are not.  It is really that simple.  What you put into your lifestyle is exactly what you will get out of it. 

Ok so the argument is out there that when you don't eat every couple hours your body will break down it's own muscle tissue for energy.  Well that's just rubbish!!!  If that was true then when does it use your fat?  When all the muscle is used up?   I thought the fat on our bodies is our reserves and when we need energy, such as when we are not eating, it will tap into those reserves.   Yes that is true.  The fat is used when we undergo two different situations: exercise(intense activity of any kind) and fasting.  It has been proven that it takes about 72 hours at a complete fast for the body to begin to cannibalize it's muscle tissue.

Additionally lengths of time when not eating- as in intermediate fasting- the hormones are triggered and an increase in testosterone, growth hormone, and glucagon is experienced putting the body is in a very beneficial state.

When intermediate fasting the main meal should always be at night.  If we simply eat that meal in one sitting until we are full that would not be nearly adequate to suffice for the entire day's calorie needs.  It must be staggered for full eating and digestion potential.  The digestive system works well in this way.  I have been intermediately fasting for over a year now and have my body's needs down to a science where I can gain or lose weight(fat or muscle) at will.

During the daily fast the liver stores up enzymes that need to be released to break down proteins and fats so beginning a meal with a big mixed veggie salad will do that trick nicely.  I eat with usually about a 30-45 min. between stages in my main meal.  My intermediate fasting is structured so I 100% fast every day until the main meal except post workout where I have my raw egg and fruit recovery smoothie.  My main evening meals are huge.  I mean huge!  I stagger my feeding when my eating window arrives and never linger past that window.  Most days I only have about a 2 hour window due to my work schedule, but that suits me just fine.  I make sure to drink about 1.5-2 gallons of water daily to curve any hunger cravings, facilitate detox, and maintain energy levels. With even a 15% decrease of bodily water energy levels are diminished by about half.  Water is vital to overall success and wellness.

I think this is the best, meaning most convenient and results driven, way of doing it rather than "needing" to eat during the day.  Keep in mind that there is a big big difference between needing and wanting.  Your body does not need to eat during the day.  You are programed habitually to believe so. Fasting rejuvenates and refreshes your system ensuring everything is functioning properly and efficiently.  Fasting also gives you a lot of energy as long as the adequate water intake is there. Since you will still be eating quality natural foods and getting in nutrients- but at night- the body will be fine.

Additionally striving to fight to eat or not eat within blocked hour parameters is just not needed at all.  My advice is to be flexible and just do your best to stay around the same pre-determined timing.  Not all schedules can be mathematically mapped on a daily basis.  That would make a healthy lifestyle just too cumbersome.  Focus on what can be done and how easy it actually is to do once you decide to do so.

Come Hiking With Me at South Mountain

Come hiking with me as I have a great time in the beautiful nature God created by getting a good cardio workout in at the same time. I recorded my view of part of the Telegraph Pass Trail at South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ. It was so beautiful outside yesterday I had to be out in it after my Girevoy Sport practice.

Remember as long as you are active every single day, in some capacity, that is what matters to make a difference in the way you feel, look, and in your overall well-being. I love hiking and Arizona is packed with great trails. I'm lucky to live very close to some of the Valley of the Sun's best ones. No matter what you do as long as you do something for no less than 30 minutes you will be well on your way to become as healthy as you can be. Just the mindset it takes to be pro-active and do something will be far greater than if you weren't. It will be a complete mind/body connection. The rest will be your spiritual and for me, being out in nature, really allows me to truly connect with God's beauty and awe.

So take a quick journey with me- and breathe in the cool fresh air- sharing the awesomeness of the trees, cacti, desert trail, rocks, blue sky, and bright rays of sun.


Sorry about the shakiness of the camera. The trail is pretty steep and I was moving at a really good pace. Next time I'll bring my good Sony video camera instead of the Flip Video cam. That way it will be much, much better quality. Anyway enjoy!

Health Benefits of Raw Eggs

I came across a great article by Dr. John Claydon and it looks very good on explaining the great benefits of eating raw eggs. I do this and if you read on Dr. Mercola has some great advice regarding eating raw eggs as well as the quick testing methods for a healthy or unhealthy egg. Sick eggs only come from sick chickens. 1 in 30,000 eggs contains salmonella and the chances of you eating that many in your life are very slim. This is explained much further on those 2 websites.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"The process of cooking eggs destroy the very goodness that our bodies so desperately need as the nature of proteins and fats is altered when exposed to heat. When cooked, the egg protein changes its chemical shape; it is often this process that can be the cause of allergies. Generally when eating raw eggs, any incidence of egg allergy will disappear.

Surprisingly, in spite of ‘bad press’ raw eggs, organic or at least from a known source of healthy free-range chickens, are an excellent health tonic. The regular consumption of raw eggs will do wonders for your overall health. Exceptionally easy to digest, raw eggs provide a wonderful boost to the immune system, and a completely balanced nutritional package. A good immune system is one of several things the body needs to overcome cancer."

For the rest of the article please CLICK HERE.

I eat raw eggs by blending them into a post workout recovery smoothie as follows:

1. 1-1.5 cups of filtered water
2. Fruits are usually 1 cup of strawberries and pineapple and/or some blueberries
3. 2 tblspns of Virgin Coconut Oil. Always get Virgin as it is unrefined and promotes health.
4. Blend first the above ingredients together well and then add 4 whole organic raw eggs. I blend for no more than 2 seconds, because the egg protein is very fragile, and then drink right out of the blender pitcher.

Let me know if you have any questions.