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What Is Synergy X-Treme?

image Being a Synergy X-Tremist is a mindset and a right of passage.  It's not how much weight you lift, even though pink bells and lighter are not allowed, but it's more about your attitude and being a leader among our community.

If you don't lift the most weight, so what.

If you don't finish in the fastest time, so what.

If you don't run the quickest, not the end of the world.


What matters is how we conduct ourselves in the class, and out.  What matters is overall effort. What matters is that we give it everything that we've got and that it means what we gave is our absolute best to give.

We don't complain and we do not ridicule others for falling short, but we band with one another as a team to bring each other up together. Together we are stronger and it is together we unite to be leaders of mental and physical toughness.

We accept the bumps and bruises along the way we know that's what makes us grow. At the day there are but 2 things which matter, our attitude and our effort.