The Un-Testimony of Anne Barton

Anyone can get results at any gym. Every workout program can deliver changes in our body. What happens when we don't see any? Let's not talk about results, how great our program is, or show a before and after testimonial. You've seen enough of that. Why does the slump occur, what keeps us from getting results, and what triggers us to finally take action is what we're exploring. 

This is the Un-testimony of Anne Barton.

Bob Garon's Ramblings of Goals, Exercise, Nutrition, & Self Image



In this video I say A LOT, but when it comes to our self-image it is very important to keep perspective for our goals to match our habits. Do yours? IF your fitness, nutrition, and self-image goals matter to you, watch my video.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cry When You Weigh Yourself

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cry When You Weigh Yourself

Keep this in mind: Scales Suck! They really do. What do they actually tell you, but how much gravity is pulling on you at that given moment. It does not tell you how much muscle you have, water weight you're carrying, fat you have, bone density, etc.

Consider this:
The average woman’s weight can fluctuate 6-8 pounds
The average guys weight can fluctuate 6-12 pounds
The factors that affect your current weight are:

1. The Amount Of Sodium You’ve Recently Consumed: (more salt= more stored water= more weight, check your labels and only consume max 2400mg a day). This can be hard if you eat processed foods. 97% of processed foods contain higher than excess sodium that cause this bloating.

2. Time Of The Month: This of course, is for women can cause bloating and extra weight). This is natural, but you CAN control this with your eating habits. Symptoms of both PMS and Menopause need not be or need not be as great if your eating habits reflect a more anti-estrogenic approach.

3. Time Of The Day: When you wake up with an empty stomach, you weigh less than in the evening, much less, you must be consistent if you are going to focus on what the scale says.

4. Your Stomach & Digestive Tract Content: What you’ve eaten so far today, whether there is indigestion in there and/or food intolerances that can cause bloating alongside excess fecal matter due to irregularity or constipation. Most adults have 5-15lbs. of excess fecal matter stuck within their intestinal tract. Only way to get that out is a really good colonic or dietary cleanse that specializes in this. My Synergy Natural Cleanse (entirely food based) targets just this topic. If you don't get this gunk out you will have all sorts of health adversities and often times not even know it because over time our bodies adapt to small changes and we don't always know what the signs are when it tells us something may be wrong so we just keep on going.

5. Number Two Time (aka "Potty or Bathroom time"): Whether you’ve used the bathroom that day or not, for both purposes, your body will be holding onto undigested food, fecal matter, and waste toxins. See our previous number 4 for further mentioning of this number 2 problem.

6. The Amount Of Carbohydrates You Recently Consumed: Every 1 gram of carbohydrate attracts approximately 2.8 grams of water so the pasta you just ate the night before could be making you hold an additional 2-3 pounds. This is why people believe low carb diets work, when they drop the carbs they drop radical weight. It can almost be a false security because of this very reason. Low carb diets definitely have a way of working, but are not for a lifestyle. A managed carbs diet is what I recommend. Keep out the unhealthy grains, keep your healthy fats high, and eat a lot of color(fruits & veggies) as your main source of carbohydrates.

7. Amount Of Muscle Glycogen In Your Body:  Are your muscles full and fresh or depleted? Depending upon how much “energy” your muscles have indicates how much your muscles presently weigh. If you exercise often on a regular basis where the muscles get stimulated for denser growth and strength (cardio does not count) then as long as you eat naturally, balanced, and for your ongoing post workout recovery then your muscles will be full and fresh. In this case you will always carry just a few extra pounds, BUT keep in mind that this is very good weight. The more lean tissue(muscle, bone density, organs, and anything that is not fat) you have the higher your metabolism is and thus the more calories you burn on a regular basis during the day. More muscle (doesn't have to be bulky at all) due to being active and eating healthy equals less fat.

8. Daily Water Consumption:  How much you drank prior to when you weigh-in and whether it is in your body or not is also a factor.

9. Stress Levels:  The more stressed out you are, the more likely you are to retain your fat and water due to the elevated cortisol and estrogen which leads to fat deposits, water retention and a whole mess of other health and physical adversities.

10. Scale Calibration: Is the darn thing EVEN WORKING? Most scales differ by at least a small difference and when you weigh week to week, or even for the insanely addicted crazy's day to day weigh ins, this could prove fatal in both true weight and psychological ramifications to your self esteem.

In conclusion, don’t stress out about one bad weigh-in, but instead have focus and faith! Focus on your overall inches lost and gained, body fat percentage(have your fitness coach assess that for you), alongside how you feel. Do what you know to be ongoing healthy changes that are ingrained as a lifestyle rather than simply a "diet". Diets have quick endings, but lifestyles last much longer.

Here's some food for thought that one of my Facebook Friends recently said that I liked and want to pass on to you.  Think of what you put inside your mouth and body: Some things give us energy and strength, and our bodies say thank you for those things. some things taste good to our mouths, but take our energy and strength away, and our bodies say: 'Yuck why'd you do that to me?

Article collaborated by Bob Garon & Omar Isuf.

Is Exercise REALLY Worth It?

  This is right from the "Your Excuse Is Invalid" rule book. Print it out and post it somewhere to remind you that it should never be applicable to you. If you are offended by this, please stop reading it wherever you feel offended, BECAUSE I AM EXTREMELY FORTHCOMING IN MY WORDS, and understand that my intentions behind me posting this are of no pedestal, arrogance, pride, or exemption to the meaning of the concept conveyed within the words presented. Everything I say also applies to me.

If you do get offended, remember that I did alert you to the fact of possibility of this occurring and please do not hold me in contempt.  Ok so with all disclaimers aside, LOL, now it's time to get to the good stuff! Read on...

Someone told me recently that she spends close to 2 hours in the gym when she goes. Now that's just crazy! If you are spending 2 hours in the gym then you are clearly not going to see great results and if you are not seeing great results then why are you going in the first place?  2 hours in the gym means that your intensity is low and that is precisely why your results will not be great. I recommend 30-45 minutes of intense exercise 4 times a week, 2 days on/1 day off with not more than 2 days off in a row, and your results will be great as long as during those 4 workouts you hit all the big joint movements.

WOW! "Bells Gone Wild 2011" TRASH TALKING- CRAZY!

I first posted this on Facebook and it got some great attention. Boy is this event gonna be seriously the most talked about Kettlebell Sport event of the year!


Register for the event if you'd like to compete and get more information about it here: http://www.bobgarontraining.com/synergy-store/synergy-bells-gone-wild

July "Change You In 30 Days" Bodyweight Challenge

image Our July "Change You In 30 Days" Challenge starts today and this one I'm VERY excited for cause it's something everyone can definitely do.

This challenge is to be broken down by weeks as a minimum quota every week for the whole month.

Here's how it works: 1,000 reps of each bodyweight movement per week of:

1) 500 Squats 2) 300 Pushups 3) 100 Pullups/ TRX rows/ or light Bent Over Rows 4) 100 Situps.

Break up the reps however you want and modify however you need for each movement.

This is not hard. One person already did all 1,000 reps in 43 minutes one day.

NOTE: Spread your reps out over the week, do them in a day or two or three, or whenever you can. Just get them done by the end of each week (on Saturday at 11:59pm) and complete the challenge 1 rep at a time.

Feel Like A Million Bucks!

No Easy Way Out

FITNESS TIP: Even if you're exhausted, bored or feeling lazy, honor your exercise commitment to yourself.

The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It's your mind you have to convince. -Vincent Lombardi

NUTRITIONAL TIP: Enjoy your occasional indulgences, but what you eat on a regular daily basis is what matters most.

You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be. -David Viscott

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